youth from “first milk”

Colostrum: A Powerful Antioxidant

Youth From First Milk

Youth From First Milk

Also known as “first milk,” colostrum is a fluid produced in the mammary glands of female mammals in late pregnancy and in the first days after giving birth. It’s the vehicle by which a mother passes her antibodies to a child, thereby building up their immunity. But there is more to this literally life-giving fluid than essential immune support for infants. Colostrum also contains substantial amounts of the incredibly powerful antioxidant, glutathione, and its precursor proteins.
Glutathione is an amino acid responsible for neutralizing free radicals as well as supporting the function of other antioxidants, like vitamins C and E. In addition, glutathione helps to scavenge and metabolize lipophilic (fat-soluble) toxins in the liver so the body can excrete them.

In our modern world, this ability to relieve oxidative stress in a safe, natural manner is vitally important, as there is a direct connection between it and the development of various afflictions. As a study in the March 2011 Plant Foods for Human Nutrition notes,

“Many degenerative or pathological processes, such as aging, cancer, and coronary heart disease, are related to reactive oxygen species and radical-mediated reactions.”

Scientists writing in the February 1998 volume of The Lancet observed a strong correlation between poor health, high oxidative stress markers, and decreased amounts of glutathione in the blood. A survey of over 200 individuals of varying ages and health revealed that glutathione levels in the elderly were 50 to 70 percent lower than those levels found in the healthy young.

A 2000 survey by Ohio State University titled “Potential Anticancer Activity of Milk and Its Components” finds that the glutathione precursors in colostrum are protective against skin, colon, and breast cancers.

A study paper on colostrum and glutathione by the Institute of Colostrum Research also notes that glutathione possesses potent anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, as lymphocytes (T cells and B cells) are dependent on it for proper function. Finally, glutathione’s even been shown “to enhance athletic performance by increasing muscle strength and weight gain.”

Supplementing with glutathione alone, however, is difficult, as it’s not readily absorbed by the body. Nor do all colostrum supplements provide glutathione and its precursors at optimal concentrations. To reap glutathione’s benefits fully then, it’s important to find a colostrum that is “complete,” with no components removed, and one that’s been collected within hours of a birth.

Only Anovite´s Colostrum6 fulfills these demands, as it’s been certified by associates of Cornell University as “true colostrum.” Colostrum6 is low heat spray-dried, chemical-free, and contains zero fillers.

The bovine colostrum of Colostrum6 is recovered from cows within zero-to-six hours of them giving birth.

As a “first milking” colostrum, all of Colostrum6’s nutrients and proteins are intact and at optimum levels to aid your body in its production of glutathione.

According to the Handbook of Dairy Chemistry, the first milking bovine colostrum found in Colostrum6 products contains approximately five times more of the glutathione precursor protein, albumin, than milk. More broadly, a study of human milk from the September 2009 Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition found that total antioxidant capacity and free radical scavenging activity was “higher in colostrum than transitional and mature milk.”

For thousands of years in India, colostrum has been recommended by Ayurvedic physicians for their patients for its healing powers. In mainstream western medicine, colostrum was extensively used by doctors for immune support and helping arthritis patients, especially prior to the introduction of sulfa drugs and penicillin. Polio vaccine developer Dr. Albert Sabin was also a colostrum fan, especially when he discovered it contains antibodies that are able to protect against polio. Don’t let oxidative stress and toxic load get your glutathione levels down. By making glutathione-rich, first-milking Colostrum6 part of your daily routine, you can maximize your body’s production of antioxidants and its detoxification processes to get the natural support you need against illness and aging.

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