Hyper Aging

And 3 Angel Hormones

Hyper Aging. Healthy Living Magazine

Hyper Aging. Healthy Living Magazine

All things being equal, an educated perusal of the scientific literature could lead one to assert that people who bathe regularly with infrared saunas are not only fundamentally healthier; they age more slowly than those who do not.

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Congestive heart failure patients are even shown to do better with regular infrared saunas—so do patients with arthritis, chronic fatigue, mild depression, aches and pains and obesity—so the question becomes how this intense radiantly dry heat accomplishes so much. Scientists say that its effects on the human body are due to its systemic impact on the adrenal-hypothalamic-pituitary axis.

Infrared sauna bathing induces changes in the secretion of hormones “remarkably similar” to those induced in positive stress situations like yoga, tai chi and sex.

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Noradrenaline and adrenaline are hormones called catecholamines, that the adrenals regulate, which govern the inner world of the body. The adrenals, situated atop the kidneys, interact with the pituitary gland and hypothalamus via these chemical messengers to set off systemic responses. All these interactions are called the hypothalamic-pituitaryadrenocortical system, which remains operational even when we are sleeping, resting or performing other activities.

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hyper aging

Adrenaline is a stress hormone; when secreted for extended periods, it ends up aging the body. When we are experiencing direct fear (like a grizzly bear attack) and we run away (flight response), the body secretes adrenaline, the classic stress hormone that raises cortisol in the blood, constricting the vessels, raising blood pressure and causing the body to retain water. That’s all fine once in awhile when under rare bear attack or something we need to run from. But over time, when sustained by invisible psychological and societal stressors, high cortisol levels lead to constant wear and tear on the tissues, especially the constricted arteries, and the body suffers due to growth hormone (GH) inhibition. Brain cell death and kidney damage occur. Muscles shrink. The hyper-aging effect is devastating.

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3 angel hormones of pleasure

Studies show bathing in an infrared sauna stimulates the three angel hormones one needs to stay youthful.


Noradrenaline is the hormone that slows down aging and gives us youth. “Noradrenaline is usually the only catecholamine raised by the sauna in people accustomed to it,” say experts in the Annals of Clinical Research.


“Concentrations of the growth hormone (GH)… in particular, secreted from the anterior pituitary are increased in the circulation.” The body’s secretion of GH allows for repair and renewal of muscle.

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These findings are confirmed in additional research. In the journal Acta Physiologica Scandinavica, the effects of repeat saunas, twice a day for seven days, were studied in 17 healthy men and women. The levels of serum cortisol (linked with adrenaline secretion) decreased. Serum GH levels exhibited as much as a 2.3-fold increase. Another clinical study measured noradrenaline level increases of up to 310%.


And finally, endorphins, the pleasure messengers of the body, also go up. The concentration of beta-endorphins in blood “may also increase which may reflect the feeling of pleasure…induced by the sauna.”

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infrared therapy

Technologically sophisticated infrared home saunas, provide specific bands of the infrared (IF) spectrum for enhanced therapeutics, including anti-aging. Solocarbon full spectrum infrared technology uses the near, mid and far infrared bands with near IF for cell health and skin rejuvenation; mid IF for pain and weight loss; and far IF for detoxification and blood pressure reduction. Solocarbon surround heating ensures that the heat penetration is distributed evenly throughout the body.

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