Nighttime Weight Loss Factors

Combining Leptin With Growth Hormone Cuts Fat And Builds Muscle… While You Sleep

Nighttime Weight Loss. Healthy Living Magazine

Nighttime Weight Loss. Healthy Living Magazine

You can lose weight and build muscles while… sleeping. Just drink a frothy vanilla or chocolate leptin shake. You won’t feel like you’re dieting either. People who’ve used the leptin-enriched diet shakes say they take the edge off of nighttime hunger pangs.

obesity clinics test leptin

A randomized, controlled trial performed in six different obesity clinics looked at the effects of leptin on 73 obese men and women. Researchers reported in The Journal of the American Medical Association daily use of leptin led to a mean weight loss of 15 pounds in a 24-week treatment period. More than 95% of the lost weight was from body fat. Subjects who took the highest daily doses of leptin also lost the most weight.

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The word leptin comes from the Greek word leptos, meaning “thin.” This protein hormone, discovered in 1994, regulates body weight and metabolism. It is expressed predominantly by adipocytes, the fancy word for fat cells, and acts like a signal to the brain on the status of fat stores elsewhere in the body; the hypothalamus, it turns out, has leptin receptors that regulate food intake and body weight.

cuts food intake

Leptin appears to lead to a reduction in food intake and as much as a 50% reduction in body weight within months. Along with decreased food consumption, there is an increase in the body’s energy expenditure, which in turn leads to a loss of fat tissue and an increase in lean muscle mass.

To capture the power of leptin, colostrum is one of the richest sources, note researchers from the University of Milan, Italy reporting in Hormone and Metabolic Research. They studied leptin content in bovine colostrum and concluded that “leptin is present in large quantities in colostrum…”

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Colostrum also contains insulin-like growth factor-1, which is required to metabolize fat for energy, thus supporting the effect of leptin’s impact on caloric control. The effect is cumulative since increased muscle mass results in more calorie burning and conversion of fat to energy.

Colostrum is the perfect carrier of leptin into the body; studies show that colostrum’s enveloping of the leptin molecule and other potentially fragile peptides and proteins shepherds the compounds through the gastrointestinal tract and the bloodstream.

“When I started taking LeptiTrim6, I didn’t realize it would help me lose weight but I have been able to lose 20 pounds during the last 3 months without changing my diet,” says Pete D. “I used to play football in college but ever since I quit, I have put on a little more weight each year. Three months ago I weighed 250 pounds. Now I am down to 230—without even trying.”

Leptin levels rise at night. They peak in the evening hours and are the highest during the first two hours of sleep. They reach their lowest level around noon and then begin to rise again. When leptin works properly, a high level tells the brain the body is full and not to eat.

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