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Growth Hormone. Healthy Living Magazine

Growth Hormone. Healthy Living Magazine

For better and worse, we are a painkilling and pill-popping nation.

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Every year America’s inflamed and strained swallow 26 billion doses of over-the-counter (OTC) aspirin and non-aspirin pain relievers called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Our doctors write more than 100 million prescriptions for them. It is almost axiomatic that a session with the doctor ends with a prescription for something.

But the problem with these painkillers is they’re harsh and they cause little microbruises on the stomach lining. They also inhibit certain messenger chemicals called prostaglandins that would otherwise stimulate repair of tissues. With every dose, the microbruises increase. Even a tiny baby aspirin so many people take to prevent a second heart attack, just 80 mg, causes micro-bleeding.

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NSAID use is also associated with leaky gut syndrome when food and other toxins pass easily directly into the bloodstream due to the poor repair processes that fail to protect the mucosal integrity of the gastrointestinal lining. All this makes a discovery by British researchers at the Department of Gastroenterology, Imperial College School of Medicine, London, quite relevant.

They found that the growth hormone (GH) from colostrum, the first milk produced before and the first 6 hours after birth, repairs the NSAID-damaged gut and can actually undo it—and they aren’t talking about experimental evidence; they’ve done a clinical trial.

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UK scientists examined whether bovine colostrum (BC) could reduce the rise in gut permeability caused by NSAIDs in volunteers taking prescription drugs. Healthy male volunteers participated in a randomized crossover trial comparing changes in gut permeability before and after five days of indomethacin therapy. In healthy volunteers, indomethacin caused a 3x increase in gut permeability whereas no increase in permeability was seen when colostrum was co-administered. “These studies provide preliminary evidence that bovine colostrum, which is already currently available as an over-the-counter preparation, may provide a novel approach to the prevention of NSAID-induced gastrointestinal damage in humans.”

how it works

Bovine colostrum, because it is the first milk all mammalian newborns receive, contains abundant growth factors. GH is involved in regeneration of the body’s tissues, and colostrum is one of the few foods that supplies this messenger along with chaperone molecules so that it gets absorbed. GH stimulates protein synthesis and works with insulinlike growth factors (IgF) I and II to activate cell growth and reproduction and nucleic expression for protein synthesis. This goes into rebuilding tendons, ligaments and joints injured from sports or damaging high cholesterol or worn down from poor nutrition and overbearing obesity; what’s in bovine colostrum are the factors of youth. Add transforming growth factors A and B to speed repair of wounds and turn on nucleic acids to go into repair mode and stimulate fibroblasts into specific cells for tissue regeneration.

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However, not all colostrum contains the same amount of growth factors. As it becomes diluted with milk, its levels go down. The first 6 hours are when bovine colostrum is loaded with the most growth factors. This is called first-milking colostrum. Also, be wary of defatted colostrum, which loses its chaperone molecules that allow for the highest absorption of growth factors. Sometimes these are added back but it can’t compete with a true first-milking colostrum. Also, it might be difficult to find sometimes. But look for powdered colostrum that can be used as a food. The capsules are effective but for people who are training and using pain killers, eating it as a food or as part of your smoothie delivers rejuvenating effects.

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