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7 Ways To Start Yoga For Us Curvy Couch Potatoes

Big Yoga. Healthy Living Magazine

Big Yoga. Healthy Living Magazine

Skinny fit women—if that’s what you think of when you conjure up the word yoga in your mind, you might not be too far off. Having done our due diligence with a Google images search we’ve verified that as far as one can scroll, thin fit models typify yogis in various poses from lotus to warrior.

But while one can’t ever be too thin for marketing, the images can intimidate the 64% of women who, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, are overweight or obese. We’re may not be perfect model types or perhaps as flexible but yoga’s stress reduction, rejuvenating and anti-aging effects need not be relegated to only those who match Google imagery.

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Local studios, retreats, online courses and teaching philosophies are springing up to serve the rest of us. Some carry politically correct names. But others are not so PC. Fat Yoga is in Portland, Oregon; Yoga for Round Bodies in Seattle; MegaYoga in New York City; Nashville has There’s Curvy; HeavyWeight Yoga is in Austin; and Big Yoga is open to Buckingham, Virginia residents. Inspired Eagle offers online courses and retreats throughout the US. Curvy Yoga is an online resource for yogis and teachers.

Here are eight tips for finding the right yoga course for the 64% of us who don’t fit the photo perfections presented online:

1. Don’t think of yoga as needing to be so flexible. Almost all postures can be modified to fit any body type, according to Curvy Yoga founder Anna Guest-Jelley. She adds, “I think yoga can be a wonderful form of movement that bigger-bodied people can adapt for themselves.”

2. Call ahead and get to know the prospective instructor or visit a class ahead of time and see if it is the right course or whether it is too much to start. Can your instructor offer easier-todo asanas? If not seek out a course geared for your learning needs.

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3. Larger beginners may not be able to do some poses like balancing on their shoulders or full leg stretches but don’t be put off. Every day of yoga practice your abilities will increase.

4. When starting consider a wider stance. Hip-width apart may work for some people but for others a wider stance increases stability. Don’t worry. Your stance will narrow as your stability increases.

5. Be comfortable. Everybody has to know their body’s limits and when they can push the boundaries or when the body is going to snap or if some body part is getting in the way, how to go with the flow or find a way around. With low-carb nutrition combined with yoga, progress can be found almost daily.

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