Story of Chihuahua and ice acrobats

Part 2

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Dog abandoned by Alexander and Ekaterina Chessna in Los Angeles

Dog abandoned by Alexander and Ekaterina Chessna in Los Angeles

A lightening stroke above the desert valley and a few minutes later a torrent poured to hid the doomed animal from coyotes, wiping off her blood and smell from stones and bushes. She stumbled, skidded into a ditch and, laying in a cold paddle, cannily started to drink water.

Days later, a bony, shivering skeleton of a puppy with dirty fluffy ears crawled onto the porch of a rusty trailer.

Alex just bit a juicy chicken thigh when he received a call from a new client- or so he thought- he gleamed:

- Yess?
- Good day, sir! It’s the East Valley shelter, we’ve found your dog! - chanted a joyful voice.
- You mistake, I don’t have dog. - gloomily retorted the Russian.
- We’ve scanned a chip with your name, sir…
- What chip?
- … It’s America, sir. - Slapped the saddened dog guy.
- Umm, ahh… Where you find?
- In the vicinity of the 118 highway... Sir..?

Diane was landing a back spin on the ice when her smart watch showed a call from Katya. She picked up:

- Katya, I can’t talk, I’m on the ice with my coach…

But Katya was too busy spitting a prepped speech:

Dog abandoned by Alexander and Ekaterina Chessna

Dog abandoned by Alexander and Ekaterina Chessna

- I wanted to say you were so right- Stesha is such a bad dog, she peed everywhere, so we just found these people on a farm who wanted her and gave her to them.
- You gave her up??
- She will be comfortable there- there are horses, and a nice farm… When will you resume training with us?
- Can you give me the address?
- Why? It’s rather far, on 118 highway.
- Well, we got attached to her and would like to visit, to see how she’s doing. I’m sure the farmers won’t mind.
- … Ummm… I’ll ask my husband and call you back.

Diane turned to her coach:

- Why do I not doubt they ditched the dog?

Coach smirked:

- Knowing them… they might.

Diane knew the dog can be euthanized any time now. From the ice, with her skates still on, she set up a team of her employees to call shelters- they found Stesha on the second call. The paperwork said “Foxy” was found extremely emaciated, five on the scale of five, four days ago and officially abandoned by her owner, Alexander Chessna, two days ago.

Diane and Nik ran between rows of cages with dogs, looking for the right number. Near the end of the third alley, Stesha was caged in a cement-floored tiny cell filled with excrements, together with a boy dog three times her size, who constantly harassed her.

She plunged, crying, jumping and losing her mind over seeing two people with whom she had a time of her little life. The big dog, so dull he could not help himself, kept assaulting the little one despite the dramatic change of her situation, until a shelter guy put a rope loop on Stesha’s tiny neck and salvaged her from the imbecile.

The woman-jail guard from Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video at the reception shrugged her shoulders at Diane’s tears about the puppy girl kept to be raped by a big male dog. Because Diane complained, in full accordance with prison’s unwritten rules, the jail guard would not let them see Stesha again until she’s fixed by a surgery next morning.

Dog abandoned by ice acrobats Alexander and Ekaterina Chessna

Dog abandoned by ice acrobats Alexander and Ekaterina Chessna

Diane and Nik retrieved, found the guy with a rope and made him bring a picture of her put in a single cage in a medical unit. She won’t be freezing this last night at least. Nik took off his sock and put inside the dog cave bed they snuck in - an affectionate Stesha would usually steal his dirty sock to sleep with.

On a conference with lawyers, Diane saw a call from Alex. She listened to a voicemail only on her way home, to Stesha: “You better stop telling people the dog’s story and make us flayers, it’s you who spoiled the dog, it’s your fault we had to get rid of her. I had to put her outside, she ran away and I was glad she did…” Diane's late grandma, as always, popped in her head, saying: “Every piece of sh…t wants to smell like a daisy.” She smiled, thinking how Stesha will be greeting her, jumping all over her and trying to edge out Yoda.



One day Diane, leaving the ice after a 100 jumps, had one of those boggling skating falls and shuttered her elbow. Emergency surgery and three nights in a hospital were the price she and Nik paid.

They, however, remembered to send people home to feed the dogs, but in vain: when they returned home, the food remained untouched. Nether of the dogs ate for the long four days. The unabated loyalty and the strengths of these tiny things, who voluntarily took on suffering together with their family- oh how enviable for some of us, humans- shook everyone.

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