10 Dangerous Foods for Pregnancy

You Thought Were Healthy

dangerous foods for pregnant women

dangerous foods for pregnant women

How safe are very low levels of pesticides found in the diet for men and women of childbearing age? Not very, even at these so-called minuscule levels, say researchers in JAMA International Medicine.

Researchers say low levels of mixtures interfere big time with reproduction including live birth outcomes besides causing neurobehavioral and other birth defects like autism spectrum disorder. The effects of reproductive toxins are often for both sexes so in this case what’s dangerous to woman endangers sperm too.

We’ve used Food and Drug Administration Total Diet Study results to find 10 of the most dangerous fruits and veggies one might otherwise never know pose the most risk for an adverse pregnancy outcome.

Here are 10 foods not necessarily to avoid but to definitely consider finding organic versions especially during pregnancy and the childbearing years for men and women:

1. Strawberries. In the Food and Drug Administration Total Diet Study, all 8 samples of strawberries contained captan.

Structurally, captan is similar to thalidomide, the drug that caused thousands of infants in Europe to be born without arms and legs. Ramona Franco says she was told by foremen and growers that the pesticides such as captan around her were safe and harmless “medicine” for the plants. Her son Felipe was born without arms or legs. His mother worked picking captan. The family received $800,000 in an out-of-court settlement from Chevron and Stauffer chemical companies.

2. Grapes. Grapes are also contaminated with captan. 4 of 8 samples had among the highest dietary levels of this fungicide.

3. Summer squash. Summer squash from Mexico is a toxic mess. The soil is badly contaminated with a highly cancerous toxic pesticide called dieldrin; it was banned in the 1970s in the US but its use continued in Mexico and residues have persisted in the soil there for generations. It just so happens summer squash is a dieldrin accumulator. Summer squash contains endosulfan, another reproductive toxin, too.

4. Dill pickles. This favorite food of pregnancy is a genuine source of multiple chemical residues: dieldrin, endosulfan and heptachlor, all reproductive toxins

5. Spinach. This leafy green supplies endosulfan and permethrin.

6. Cucumbers. Expect residues of dieldrin and endosulfan.

7. Apples. Apples are scary. They contain a colorant called diphenylamine, a toxic chemical that accumulates directly in gonadal tissues.

8. Raisins. Raisins have traces of dicofol, a chemical with DDT as a contaminant. Avoid the chemically grown versions and go organic.

9. Peaches. Carbaryl is a men’s reproductive toxin and peaches frequently have residues of this chemical, including baby food.

10. Green beans frequently contain acephate and methamidophos, which are shown to decrease offspring’s survival and body weight in wild mammals.

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