Obesity War

New armor is not a surgery or even a drug

I am a gastroenterologist and specialize in problems of the digestive tract, diarrhea, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, weight loss and weight management. Being a gastroenterologist places me on the forefront of the obesity epidemic because we specialize in where food goes into the digestive tract.

Some of the modalities that have been utilized by gastroenterologists for weight management have been prescription medicines, which almost all have bad side effects. Some, in fact, are contraindicated for people with risk factors for heart disease; this is particularly troublesome, as people with weight problems very likely have incipient or frank heart disease symptoms such as high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure. So in a significant subset of patients, drugs aren’t a good way to lose weight.

We have other modalities, of course, such as endoscopic procedures wherein we suture the stomach to a smaller size but the risks and discomfort are a factor.

Based on my experience with patients, Lepti-Trim from Anovite is a preferred non-drug method of weight loss that is safe and effective. Its prime ingredient is leptin-enriched bovine colostrum (BC), the golden milky fluid that all newborn mammals are nourished with, and what their mother’s milk consists of in the first six hours after giving birth.

The first effect that BC has on the gut is with its generous supply if immunoglobulins; think of these gelatinous proteins that float in the blood as little brains; they’ve been exposed to a lot of pathogens already in the grass grazing mother and know a thing or two about what the newborn will encounter so like wizened old Yodas they take the newborns’ gut cells to school and pass along this knowledge. Since most of our immunity stems from the gut, taking care of the gut goes a long way to correct underlying health problems and makes one healthier to lose weight.

Anovite founder Anthony Kleinsmith, PhD, author of The First Milk Diet, has been able to work with farm-like providers, as opposed to infamous for animal cruelty diary industry, to custom design filtration methods that enrich the colostrum with leptin, the weight loss hormone.

Cravings and binge

The biggest saboteur of weight loss is the binge. Patients are good till nine in the evening and then need a full tummy to fall asleep. They sneak slices of pie, gobs of cheese, pot stickers, whatever, to fill their tummies and satisfy their cravings. Instead I recommend Leptitrim.

Leptitrim reduces my patients’ hunger pangs.


One thing that my patients have experienced is a prolongation of the time from their first meal before they feel the first hunger pang. Leptitrim has been able to keep patients satisfied and keep hunger away for a longer period of time. It reduces cravings. I tell my patients after the first month I can guarantee them they will see “waist” loss and that they should not worry about their “weight” because the first thing they will notice is the waist loss and in fact the majority of people return with waist loss first. The vast majority of patients report the need to tighten their best or the need to purchase more form fitting clothing because of the waist loss.


The other benefit I have realized with the use of the product is that colostrum’s immunoglobulin content has a probiotic effect. Periods of low immunity with illness and antibiotic use as well as obesity itself all result in an imbalance of the good bacteria versus the bad bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.

Colostrum enables regular movements and reduces excessive bowel movement frequency, a condition that is commonly seen in the young and old who also have weight loss problems and GI bacterial imbalances. Losing weight becomes a lot easier when one has regular smooth and comfortable movements, which indicate healthy bacterial populations. Diarrhea can be caused by many problems and it is important to see a gastroenterologist but many times we diagnose a condition called irritable bowel syndrome or intestinal bacterial overgrowth, all problems that occur when the GI tract immunity and bacteria are off balance and lead to overgrowth of bad bacteria.

At our clinic, we have used Leptrim with patients and have implemented the use of additional BC-based Anovite products based on the benefits including those from the immunoglobulin content.

We hope to conduct more studies on this new modality of treating people with various GI conditions with the use of these products. We find patients want nonmedical and nonsurgical forms of therapy.

There is nothing more gratifying than seeing someone with GI problems for years come back to my office and say they’ve never felt better in their life. This has been happening with more frequency with Leptrim’s systematic use.

I am very excited to be one of the first gastroenterologists implementing colostrum in practice. I believe we are at the forefront of something simple and effective much like when we first heard of probiotics decades ago. They were thought to be questionable and out of the mainstream. With colostrum products we have a new tool in our armamentarium for gastrointestinal disorders.

Leptitrim uses a leptin-enriched, six-hour colostrum, the stage at which BC is wealthiest in its immunoglobulins, peptides and other regulating factors. As it becomes milk, the peptides and immune factors are lost and more protein is produced.


Find out more about Leptitrim at www.anovite.com.

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