The United States of Opioids

Fear to discover things we hate about ourselves

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HealthyLivinG: Why do you think you are personally affected by this crisis?

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Harry Nelson: When Michael Jackson died of a drug overdose, I got a call from his doctor. He was in a panic because he'd prescribed painkillers to him under the name of Peter Pan and various other names. He was so frightened. I tried to calm him down and that it was going to be okay. A few days later, he overdosed. He'd taken his own life with a lethal dose of opioids.

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It was a death that touched me greatly and I still feel guilty about it now. I kept thinking maybe I could have intervened, stopped it from happening. That was definitely a moment that affected me deeply. As time goes on, I've lost friends and known co-workers who lost friends and family members to opioid overdose. I've watched children from the age of 13 cycle through addiction. If we take a look at ourselves, we are all vulnerable. We need to make a safer space for people to talk to us.

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