Killing Liver Softly With Painkillers

Lemongrass tea counters damage

Afternoon tea break

Afternoon tea break

It’s been a common place knowledge that painkillers kill liver. More than 50 million Americans use medicines containing acetaminophen each week. There are no less than 600 brands, Tylenol among these, that contain acetaminophen. However, high doses of pain killer lead to acute liver damage. Consuming alcohol while taking acetaminophen can result in even greater damage at lower dosages. Long-term high doses can cause liver disease and kidney failure.

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If you’re using acetaminophen as a pain killer or fever reliever, enjoy lemongrass tea. We may think of lemongrass more for its antibacterial effects, but lemongrass essential oil is also high in antioxidants. The ability to defuse free radicals is how lemongrass essential oil protects the liver, say doctors in the journal Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. In their experiment pretreatment with lemongrass essential oil showed liver protective effects that could be caused by acetaminophen. “This effect may be associated with the reduction of oxidative stress or have an influence on inflammatory events.”

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Lemongrass (Cympopogon citratus) is an aromatic light green herb growing in upright thin blades throughout the tropical plains of Indian or resides in your herb garden if you’re savvy enough to keep this gem around. Beyond its pleasant aroma, lemongrass yields an essential oil that acts like a liver protector.

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