Sauna Should Be Routine

To keep the body in good condition

Sauna Should Be Routine, Healthy Living Magazine, Beauty

Sauna Should Be Routine, Healthy Living Magazine, Beauty

We spend thousands of dollars each year on fashion, clothing, make-up and beauty products. But what good are they without the body in impeccable condition? As a clinical practitioner in Los Angeles, I find that when my patients do low-heat saunas regularly not only do skin tone and related conditions improve—regular detoxification helps a variety of health issues,” says Rachel West, DO., “Low-heat saunas encourage sustained detoxification, which we all need these days with our high pollution levels.”


Women’s immune systems are affected by toxic chemicals in food, water and air. The preservatives in medicines, heavy metals and toxic estrogen compounds in dental materials such as acrylates accumulate in women’s tissues. “With an abundance of these chemicals in women’s tissues, the inflammatory cascade is affected and the immune system faces dysregulation,” says the doctor.

Chronic viral infections may persist and the balance of hormones and neurotransmitters can also be affected. Some of the chemicals in our food supply and consumer products are called endocrine disruptors or xenoestrogens. They act like a toxic form of the female hormone estrogen. This toxic form is linked to endometriosis, infertility, and breast, ovarian and uterine cancer.

“In addition, these same chemicals, including a few heavy metals, are thought by health experts to put women at an increased risk for disruptions in menstrual cycles and could be linked to premenstrual syndrome. Some of us may also have genetic predispositions which make exposure to toxins worse, especially at certain biochemical points in various bodily cycles. Thus, some ‘female’ problems are strongly linked with genetic sensitivity to endocrine disrupting chemicals that put women into a state of estrogen dominance. For all these reasons, I find that my patients often require saunas in order to detoxify these chemicals.”

Elimination of toxic chemicals occurs through a variety of channels: urine, feces, and sweat. Researchers have found that substances such as industrial solvents, pesticides, methadone, amphetamines, morphine, and antiepileptic drugs are excreted through perspiration. We excrete heavy metals in perspiration; cadmium is concentrated more in perspiration than urine. In Spain, cinnabar miners have used sweating as a means of eliminating mercury. Native American sweat lodges purified initiates into the sacred. Many other cultures have used sweating. The period spent in the sauna is the perfect, safe enhancement of body’s ability to excrete toxic chemicals.

The new m-Pulse series from Sunlighten can adjust infrared sauna frequency for different health benefits—including detoxification, pain and weight loss. An LCD display allows the user to monitor calories burned. The unit provides music and color therapy. Floating seats with Solocarbon technology are meant for full-body exposure to the most uniformly distributed heat.


The beauty of having an in-home infrared sauna is that low-heat sauna relaxation becomes a routine, proven to help the body eliminate many types of chemicals. Infrared sauna fights chemical accumulation.

Depending on how your body can handle detox, one should discuss with a physician a regimen. As Dr West recommends, “Start slow and on lower temperatures and work your way up as tolerated. Start every other day for 20 minutes at 130 degrees F if well tolerated.

“Home saunas are probably best because you want to rest or bathe afterwards. And if it is in your house, you will use it more, and not need the additional stress of getting to appointments.

“Not all infrared saunas are created equally. For apartments, small spaces and budgets, I especially recommend far-infrared sauna therapy with the Solocarbon™ from Sunlighten. I had a fibromyalgia patient who had done every blood/ urine/hair test she could find. She started doing better on supplements, but made her biggest jump when doing saunas and biweekly vitamin IVs.”

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