Back to School with Silver Health

Eliminate school's microbes before the immune system even needs to get involved

Back to School with Silver Health, Robert Scott Bell DA HOM, Parenting

Back to School with Silver Health, Robert Scott Bell DA HOM, Parenting

Why are some children constantly ill while others never seem to get sick? As the parent of any chronically ill child will attest, it is more than a matter of avoiding germs. A parent can take all the preventive measures in the world to protect a child from illness but without a strong immune system it will be one battle after another to stay healthy.

This fall sending kids back to school with all of the basic supplies, how many parents will actually be thinking about the tools needed to shield against illness?

If there were one supplement I would recommend that every parent keep around the home, bioactive silver hydrosol would be high on my list. A daily multivitamin and mineral formula supplies micronutrients required for immune function—but silver performs a special role in so many areas of preventive health, both acute and long term, that it can rival even these daily staples.

Bioactive silver hydrosol works directly as an antimicrobial agent and has regenerative properties that can help the body to recuperate after illness has set in. Plus it can be used for localized ailments including pink eye, ear infection, tonsillitis, sinusitis and even cuts and scrapes.

Silver ions rupture the outer membrane of the infectious agent, exposing the internal components to the immune system for clean up by the white blood cells. Silver ions continue to work against microbes by attacking their oxygen-metabolizing enzymes and essentially suffocating them.

From ancient times silver has been applied to vulnerable areas like the eyes, throat and nose and can serve as a first line of defense. Use a spray or topical dropper in the morning before school to eliminate microbes that may come into contact with these areas, and again when children return home to resist microbes with which they have already come into contact.

Best of all, because silver hydrosol is a crystal clear liquid that looks, tastes, feels and smells like water, it is easy to give to even the most resistant children.

Unlike many supplements that are geared for use when you feel a cold coming on or when the flu starts making its way around the schoolyard, silver hydrosol can be used every day for continued support of the immune system.


Beyond protecting the body from microbes, silver can help the body to heal. In studies using silver as an antimicrobial for wound healing, Dr Robert Becker observed silver spurred growth in damaged tissues. This can help with recovery for mucous membranes made raw from coughing and in the case of a deep chest cold or bronchial infection, silver’s soothing effect on irritated lung tissue can boost regeneration. When these irritated areas heal faster, it also means less risk of a follow-up infection such as an ear infection, sore throat, sinusitis or tonsillitis that are known to follow closely behind the common cold.


The question that parents will surely be asking is “Which silver formula is right?”

There are a few things to know before purchasing a silver preparation.

First, keep in mind the silver formulations sold in health food stores should not be confused with medical drugs and devices. These silver formulations are considered to be dietary supplements that will support health but will neither cure nor diagnose diseases.

Second, remember that all silver preparations are not the same. A quality silver hydrosol is really the best bet when it comes to finding a safe and effective product. Silver hydrosol differentiates itself from colloidal silver (a type of silver preparation commonly found in health food stores) in that the silver particles are sub-nanometer size and they essentially dissolve into the water base. As osteopathic physician Eric Rentz points out when it comes to silver solutions, “It all comes down to bioavailability.” And when it comes to silver, bioavailability comes down to particle size.

Sovereign Silver from Natural-Immunogenics claims to be the first “true silver hydrosol” with the smallest particle size ever produced at .8 nanometers. The solution of ultra-pure water and silver is created using an electromagnetic process that creates particles only when elemental silver is provided with a positive charge. Natural-Immunogenics says this process assures that each bottle fundamentally contains at least 96% active particles. The positive charge, combined with the small particle size, allows for even dispersion; the particles repel one another with their positive charge, so the dispersion is uniform. This widely dispersed concentration also allows for maximum results with minimal silver. Sovereign Silver has a very low silver concentration of just 10 ppm (parts per million) because it has such enormous surface area.

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