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We started to write a piece on the medical issues of the wrongful death trial with AEG Live sued by Michael Jackson’s family (which was concluded when the issue went on press), when we found the trial too insignificant, as the entire life of the superstar is an impactful health, physical and psychical subject. As intense as his dance, Michael Jackson’s life was burned on both ends at a rhythm of his anti-gang violence hit “Beat It” by himself and by the media frenzy.

Michael Jackson Healthy Living Magazine cover

Michael Jackson Healthy Living Magazine cover

Four years after shaking the world with his last move—a spectacular (as cynical as it sounds) death, both the press and us, its docile hordes, seem to have begun admitting a scent of doubt. The Niagara waterfall of ridicule and dirt, under which the music genius spent his brief presence with us, finally thinning, reveals the truth universally acknowledged: to make us believe in him, he needed to die.

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He will not triumph at our expense over the fact that his art will survive us all, which is not a surmise anymore, as his artistic inheritance proved there is arguably no other in modern art of the same consequence, volume and height of humanitarian essence. Vulnerability, exalted sensitivity of human nature, naivety, agitation, feebleness, pain, hope, despair and search of strength to bear it all became his artistic abode after the unseen scale of popularity, unforgiving of childlike spontaneity and unconsciousness of the media’s predatory nature, had imprisoned a 24 year old Michael Jackson to an unprecedented atrocity of media bullying and public disdain, deadly glued to the former, for the rest of his life. Next page

Michael Jackson Healthy Living Magazine cover November 2013. Did he need to die? by Aida Poulsen

Michael Jackson Healthy Living Magazine cover November 2013. Did he need to die? by Aida Poulsen

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