Anxiety and Depression of Pregnancy

And yoga

Anxiety and Depression of Pregnancy And Yoga, Healthy Living Magazine, Lifestyle

Anxiety and Depression of Pregnancy And Yoga, Healthy Living Magazine, Lifestyle

Yoga’s impact on women’s anxiety, depression and well-being was recently investigated in studies looking at both normal and high risk pregnancies. The normal pregnancy study in the journal of Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice was conducted at the Division of Yoga and Life Sciences, Bengaluru, India. The 96 women in their 20th week of pregnancy were divided into yoga and control. The yoga group practiced integrated yoga while the control group did pregnancy exercises, one hour daily, from the 20th to 36th week of gestation. There was “significant difference between groups…in all variables.” In the yoga group pregnancy related experience, as measured by a questionnaire (PEQ) was reduced by 26.86%; two measures of anxiety decreased 15.65% and 8.97%; and depression decreased by 30.67%. In the control group, anxiety increased by 13.76% and by another measure increased by 5%; women in the control group also experienced a 3.57% increase in depression.

In a July 2013 study from the Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research, the team said that improvements in technology “have increased the chances of survival for the micropremature infant and the very low birth weight infant but have increased the financial burden of health care organizations. This economic burden has a significant impact on third-party payers and on society in general.” In the high risk study, 68 pregnant women (38 in the control group with standard antenatal care and 30 in the yoga group) with a mean age of 27 were recruited from the medical college and hospital in Bangalore, South India. The study was a single-blind randomized controlled clinical trial. Perceived stress scale (PSS) was measured. “There was a significant difference in the PSS level” of the yoga group who had “significantly reduced” scores at the second follow-up (28th week) compared to control. Women who took part in yoga reported “fewer pregnancy discomforts.” But in the control group “stress level was increased.”

The researchers claim the study “suggests” yoga “can decrease the stress level during high risk pregnancy complications.” They called it “cost-effective, feasible and safe.” But they caution that more well designed studies are needed “before a strong recommendation can be made.”

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