Distilled Water

Kills Bladder Cancer Cells As Effectively As Chemotherapy

Distilled water, Healthy Living Magazine, Health

Distilled water, Healthy Living Magazine, Health

Can distilled water kill bladder cancer cells? That’s the question doctors at the Department of Urology, University of Bonn, Germany are attempting to answer. The surprising results suggest simple distilled water might just be a bladder cancer cell’s worst nightmare.

Reporting in the October 2006 International Journal of Clinical Practice, the team said that the surgical procedure called transurethral resection is used to remove bladder cancer and followed by instillation of chemotherapeutic agents such as mitomycin; it is considered as standard therapy in recurrent superficial bladder cancer.

“However, incidence of bladder cancer is increasing and contrariwise, the resources to finance health care systems are decreasing. Therefore, effective alternatives to expensive chemotherapeutics are necessary,” said the authors.

Recurrence of bladder cancer after transurethral resection is caused by reimplantation of dissolved tumor cells. To kill them off, mitomycin is used. The researchers took human bladder cancer cells and incubated them in mitomycin or distilled water.

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“Distilled water led to significant cytolysis in all tumor cells,” they write. “This effect was comparable to exposition to mitomycin. Distilled water and mitomycin have comparable in vitro effects in bladder cancer cells,” the scientists wrote.

This was not the first study to determine distilled water kills bladder cancer cells. In a 1986 issue of European Urology, the effect of distilled water on tumor cells was compared to the effect of chemotherapeutic agents dissolved in saline and in distilled water.

“Distilled water proved as effective as chemotherapeutic agents in distilled water and more destructive than chemotherapeutic agents in saline within the 2-hour time limit of the experiment,” the researchers reported.

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