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Michael Jackson. Did he need to die? continued

The way we choose (or are forced) to think of ourselves and others destines our health, health of our children, families and society. In the thrilling health story of Michael Jackson’s life and death too many forces were cross manipulating our innate sensitivities, often only to meet goals of overcoming their own insignificance by utilizing the free ride on its subject’s unmitigated powers to drive attention. When the profits are made and the hot porridge cooled down, I suggest giving this story another try.

Michael Jackson Healthy Living Magazine "Michael and Salieri"

Michael Jackson Healthy Living Magazine "Michael and Salieri"

Would you like a 40-year-old neighbor who works on a tree, dances like a dough mixer, screams like a monster, looks like a ghost**, can suddenly start walking backwards, plays with minors and snakes and is visited by buses of poor and terminally ill children with their families, riding with them his own carousels and train in his backyard? He is also maniacally followed by a squad of agitated youngsters who look like they are on a factory strike and reside crucified on his gates, with the odd addition of some shady personalities, hiding in bushes their expensive lenses. News helicopters routinely adorn the sky above the house. The neighbor sleeps in one bedroom with children, having hearty approval of their parents, because he is incapable of saying no to a child and the latter would not leave him alone for a kingdom.

If this is not yet untoward enough, occasionally 70 brave policemen will storm the gates, after which the village immerses itself in watching on every world’s TV horror tales of how your weirdo monster neighbor tortured those terminally ill children right under the noses of their parents, siblings, his own three children and some 50 staff members. In about a year of these bedtime stories, the TV fairy tellers, suddenly bucked off from riding the ghost’s wings to the hype of their once-in-a-lifetime ratings, will gravely inform you that the tales transpired to be an inspiration of yet another, bigwig neighborhood prosecutor.

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Kai Chase

The dough mixing neighbor would then abandon the Neverpossibleland and those unfortunate little souls will from now on die without a chance to ride carousels with the back-walking freak, get a new liver or have a song written by a music genius in memory of their short lives. Unless Bigwig would write and pay? But Bigwig says: “I have not listened to it [song]; I wouldn’t. I just got more important things going on in my life than to listen to a song written by a guy that everybody calls Jacko Wacko. You know, that’s the way I think about it.”

Shaved Heads

As humans grow up, they are being melded, bent and bred into something their temporary possessor imagines being right, defined by the randomness of birth geography and varying as much as dancing in feathers around a bloody piece of wood and beheading animals, smashing foreheads at hard surfaces, wearing ties under nearly shaved heads, marrying a couple of hundred children or killing those whose only guilt is to be born in another place. Each makes one a “good” kind of person in one neighborhood and an abomination in another.

The rules inside each circle are contradicting and confusing but surprisingly similar. A human body is professed to be nature’s (or that wooden centerpiece’s) surpassing gift, but it embodies shameful desires which must be suppressed, no matter the mental or reproductive damage. Ego is the driving force for achievement after survival means are met, but one must behave relentlessly denying it. A child, to prove himself eligible for a rub, must profess finding pleasure in soaking in blood feathers or smashing his forehead even harder or… look further down the list. A desideratum of lies and pretentions is violently implanted into a child’s brain, yet they are punished if caught in a lie. An extravagance of discovering who you are is beyond reach. Fine-tuning takes place in judgmental gatherings where the fun gossip about an absent one coaches civilians to conceal the whole truth about themselves to control the damage to their public appearance—the thing Michael Jackson probably happened to slight for his full time job from the age of five. At this earliest moment of consciousness having proven himself for a rare ability, heading to the enormity of social acceptance no one else may conquer for another 50 or so years, he has escaped by these means an important exercise where he would have learned that the only purpose for a man to surround himself with children is to have sex. Any “normal” person but Michael Jackson would have known the answer to the question: if a mega star, vulnerable to allegations—single, asexual, known for children’s charity and “strange affinity” in the media’s language or “love” for them in his terms— is to become a target, what would be the accusation? Rrright…

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A luxury of not caring to adopt some confinements for the sake of social acceptance resulted later in such a spectacularly lost war with the media that it was beyond repair by contribution of a decisive legal victory of 2005.

Vase Child

Children are born to challenge the social imposition, feeling with all their little bodies the injustice, silliness and cruelty of the confinement, in many cases magnified by the ugliness of an autocracy in the country, neighborhood or household. Seeking a childhood escape from all of them in my own reading obsession, I was struck one day by Victor Hugo’s comprachicos in The Man Who Laughs. These 17th century businessmen mutilated and disfigured children to be exhibited as carnival freaks, placing them into boxes (vases in China), while they grew, and adding confining parts inside to maim young flesh; just like every supposition and prejudice imposed on a child, transforming and bending purity, adds yet another sprawl to configure an imaginary physical body of our mind. The savaging violence upon a child’s essence, stripping of his own awareness, unabated, non-judgmental perception, is a routine normality; the damage is invisible and defacement and deformity it has produced will never allow us, a comprachicos’ children, a frill of developing our own empowering consciousness. The imposed judgments will fog our minds with only a few managing to escape due to either unusual powers or circumstances.

Michael Jackson Healthy Living Magazine Michal and Salieri Vase child

Michael Jackson Healthy Living Magazine Michal and Salieri Vase child

- Are you a cripple?

I was typing at the table for disabled at Starbucks, as all the others were taken and my upstairs office’s buzz wouldn’t let me write. A guy was clearly hitting on me.

- We all are
- ??
- People love crippling each other, don’t they? Makes them feel less crippled…
- Take care, this speaks of bitterness
- Who cares, after swimming in this mud…

I looked at the stack of 10-year old newspapers on the Michael Jackson trial on my table which I disdained to touch after going through a couple, and chuckled, convinced I had just inspired a scene in a series “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Seconds.”

Through enduring whips of social rejection for not going mainstream, it transpires to children that what they were told is indeed the easy way and the slightest fluctuation will be painfully condemned and ridiculed, eventually transforming them into executors of society’s hammer-will to confront another child’s freshness of mind. Unless a rare freak bears an uncommon passion to withstand the pressure and become the former. Michael Jackson has formed an ultimate salient example of the fate of not obliging. “Being mobbed hurts. You feel like you’re spaghetti among thousands of hands. They’re just ripping you and pulling your hair. And you feel that any moment you’re gonna just break.” His awkward and late attempts to please the mobster in hopes of mercy fell onto the soil of a circus groomed for profiting on exhibiting the carnival freak. Next

* In drama "Mozart and Salieri" by Alexander Pushkin, opera by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and the feature film "Amadeus" by Miloš Forman Salieri was an obsessed tormentor who drove Mozart to an early grave by poisoning him and convincing the Holy Roman Emperor that Mozart's music was worthless.

** "Ghost" is a 1996 short film starring Michael Jackson and portraying him as a lonely ghost who lives in a castle and scares the village people.

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