Q&A to Michael and Salieri

And Michael Jackson. Did he need to die?

My dear readers,

Aida Poulsen Michael and Salieri Michael Jackson Did he need to die? Who's bad? Q and A

Aida Poulsen Michael and Salieri Michael Jackson Did he need to die? Who's bad? Q and A

As I keep saying, people will amaze you. They will make you understand how Michael Jackson felt when he was misinterpreted and taken out of context.

First, I shall thank you for the overwhelming and uplifting response, as always. I am touched by the fact that my work has attracted a million views, wiped off the magazine from stores' shelves, is translated into other languages and made into video and audio.

Second, I shall mention there are always people who do not particularly like to read so they go by a title or a footnote, finding themselves fit to judge nevertheless. I cannot reproach them as I am pretty certain most people won't find entertaining getting through my routinely unbearable language constructions. I am only puzzled when, instead of clicking away or turning the page, they venture on showcasing their disability to write a coherent paragraph to school me on simplifying my writing.

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Fortuitously the stories have earned everything from around-the-globe incessant paean from Michael Jackson fans to their hatred without reading, believing I wrote "something anti-MJJ" and therefore not scrupling to avail a distinguished language about which it is my turn to declare a disability to acquire fluency.

I have learned to feel better about Michael Jackson haters who have carefully read and at least point their rancor correctly at me.

Now forgive me, that's not right, I shouldn't be severe upon anybody. I shall answer and be specific. Haters on both barricades, you are invited to the ball! And those who do not belong to haters but typically would write to me "I hate haters!" invited too.

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As my publishers predicted, 99% of questions are not about the story but about "Author's Opinion," which is not a part of the story but a footnote. And was given as an honest disclosure of findings and beliefs.

Comments to the footnote Author's opinion on Michael Jackson controversy

Every negative or semi-negative finding has been vilified by Michael Jackson fans in an impetuous quest of making an angel out of a human. I cannot sermonize them for that, as it's human nature to idolize somebody to decorate one's life, I just cannot participate. Here are those statements and my comments.

"Homosexual—asexual and none of my business"

Homosexual is a question here, not an answer. The answer about homosexuality is "asexual and none of my business." Since some read "Homosexual—asexual" as the answer, it was edited (only in online version) to: "Homosexual—NO, asexual, and none of my business."

"Befriended families to be surrounded by children—YES"

I hear your arguments that this was for the sake of being with families. Evidence suggests that the time Michael Jackson spent with families versus time spent with their children (and, yes, boys in particular) is not comparable. Please confront that with factual material. I remain with my statement that it doesn't mean Michael Jackson molested children.

"Forgave his father for abuse—NO, despite trying and many professions of such"

No one knows the answer to this one. Yes, I've heard the Oxford speech and many others, all of them, but then I saw the body language, including during the trial—probably the longest footage of the two—father and son—out there together, and I cannot get rid of the feeling which I recite as my opinion. It is my feeling out of all the material I've read, researched, listened to and watched and I have decided I will not conceal it, though I was asked to do so.

"Killed by Conrad Murray—NO"
"Murray guilty of negligence—YES"

The air is still steaming with accusations of Murray killing intentionally and I say no to those. In my opinion, this was a gross negligence which led to involuntary manslaughter.

"Marriage to Rowe true—NO"

Another one known to only those two involved. It was my take after the research and interviews.

"Was threatened—YES, by himself 25 years ago"

I believe that Michael Jackson's anxiety was fueled by apprehension that he will be compared to himself performing on the level of Thriller times while he felt unfit and stage frightened.

Research, Information, Sources

Whenever you are sending us information you believe is new, please note: we will appreciate truly unknown facts. We will be gladly interviewing new subjects or known subjects about new circumstances to deliver you verified information. If, however, your information sources published materials, please rest assured they have been examined and cross examined, often with the help of first-hand observers.

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Both stories are written not in interests of any group—Michael Jackson fans, his accusers, haters or advocates. These stories do not serve any liaisons; they do present an independent, I agree, perched, individual opinion. Nor was HealthyLivinG Magazine "introducing it to the Michael Jackson community" as some are trying to put it. The take any communities—fans or haters or anybody else—may have taken on HealthyLivinG Magazine's publications is entirely their own affair. I do not write by order, and if I did it wouldn't be that mind bothering as it seems to appear to many.

No to shaving head*

I was asked to not publish the part "Author's opinion on Michael Jackson controversy" as it might irritate fans who would not take the trouble of reading the story and indulge in dwelling on the "Opinion" out of context, despite the essence of the story. I was also asked to smooth the sarcasm in the opening of Michael And Salieri. I decided to not shave my head to society's demand and take the misinterpretation and ridicule that Michael Jackson was holding onto so admirably. Now do me the honor of making a freak out of me too.

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*Shaved heads represent in the story going mainstream, leaving one's life like everybody and his dog, "wearing a tie under nearly shaved heads"

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