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Advocate Of Having Fun Essential For Health

Advocate of Having Fun, Healthy Living Magazine, Stars

Advocate of Having Fun, Healthy Living Magazine, Stars

Kate Walsh’s neonatal surgeon, the Santa Monica based Dr Addison Montgomery, involved herself unguardedly with colleagues and patients throughout her seven years of Private Practice on ABC. In season two, Addison falls in love with married cardiologist Noah Barnes only to learn his pregnant wife is her patient, in a thinly veiled roman à clef of what we assume must be a peek into the real California lifestyle.

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Southwest bred, growing up in Tucson, Arizona, Kate Walsh made her own share of school girl mistakes, buying alcohol for underage kids when she turned 21 (admits to Ellen Degeneres), sinning by degrees or, as she remarked when receiving the John Connor Humanitarian Award for Operation Smile, a charity for which she raises hundreds of millions of dollars, “I’m not worthy; I’m really honored to be honored. I’m Irish-Italian-Catholic so I have some deep seated shame.” Yet she helped the charity raise $500,000 in 2013 and announced her intention to go on a medical mission to bring attention to simple procedures to easily correct the otherwise lifetime impact of cleft palate. Kate’s life is having fun and doing good, breaking rules and not trying too hard to be super strict. Her upcoming projects include Fargo the TV adaptation of the film, coming to FX this spring and Bad Judge, a pilot on NBC that Kate is starring in and executive producing.

“I have such a full, messy, sloppy, crazy-edged incredible life with a lot of love, a lot of friends and fun work. I am grateful for all of it.”

HealthyLivinG: Operation Smile Foundation just honored you. It’s one of your causes. Tell us about it.

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Kate Walsh: I’ve been working with them for the past few years. The cost for surgery is $240. If I can get people to put in even five dollars, it adds up and these surgeries save children’s and adults’ lives. We take for granted cleft lip is easily fixable after birth but in third world countries and all over the world communities just don’t have the resources that we do, so kids are literally ostracized or die from malnutrition. So it is a very big deal.

February Cover Kate Walsh, Healthy Living Magazine, Stars

February Cover Kate Walsh, Healthy Living Magazine, Stars

HealthyLivinG: How do you stay in shape?

Kate Walsh: Well, I’m no fitness Nazi. I have to eat. I can’t diet if I try to totally deprive myself—that always backfires. So it is like a little country and a little rock and roll. You can eat right, healthy, sure, you can, but I don’t, not really. I vacillate between being vegan and then oh, Cheetos! Yeah! Ha-ha. I will say that I am more of a savory girl than a sweet girl. I’m like a fan of potato chips and things like that. But also it becomes an issue of just endurance. If you want to eat healthy food, just make sure you keep your blood sugar up so you don’t crash and do crazy stuff. But yes, everything in moderation and allowing treats is what works. I’d rather have a scoop of Häagen-Dazs than a 16 ounce frozen yogurt if you get my meaning. I’m not one of those people who can eat everything and not gain weight, though. No way! When I was little I used to be that way. But last time was when I was 15. Now I work out as much as I can; when I start shooting it makes it difficult to work out. I am so into it.

HealthyLivinG: You did the television series from 2007 to 2013, a new perfume and charity work; how do you handle the stress?

Kate Walsh: I am a huge advocate of having fun. I think fun and joy, not to sound cheesy, is essential for health. Because if you’re doing something fun, you release feel-good hormones, which makes everything better. I don’t know about you but when I go on vacation, like Europe, I’m like, ‘Okay, more cheese.’ I’m having fun; I’m having a great time. That releases serotonin and oxytocin, and when you are stressed out and think to yourself, ‘Oh no, I have to go work out,’ then you get all these other hormones and that makes it harder because your body stresses. So, as LA as I sound, having fun is really good.”

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HealthyLivinG: What was launching your new fragrance Boyfriend like on your relationship (with writer Chris Case)?

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Kate Walsh: I pushed myself. I burned the candle at both ends and it burnt in half. Luckily my boyfriend was super supportive (and also super busy) so it worked out. But you get tons of support around you and work with people who know what they are doing and you trust. That was a big part of the experience. I had my former assistant who ended up running Boyfriend for me. We both learned as we went along; now she is an expert at running a fragrance company.

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