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She seems detached—and she probably is, not just 10 feet but a million miles away from the games going on around her, not to mention the tragedy.

She is also divergent. Born both a Southern girl and celebrity, her (perhaps healthy?) detachment from the world reflects, it would seem, having learned a lifetime’s worth of lessons from her father’s tragic life. She’s probably feeling burned too. She left the Church of Scientology or so we hear—and Lisa revealed the bitterness, even if nascent, in the song from Storm and Grace “So Long.”

Maybe it’s just being Lisa Marie, daughter of the rock and roll king, once wife to the king of pop, with the height of superstardom and the depth of crushing deaths. She probably died and came back numb? Or, as she says, she likes to keep things “compartmentalized.” Here’s the fame part, here’s the mom part. By fate and fortune to become the only child of a mega icon, being a rock star in her veins and in her own right, Lisa Marie has had an escapade of a life.

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Healthy Living: You have been singled out by being born into one of the most famous families on earth. How do you bear it?



Lisa Marie Presley: I had a very level-headed, true upbringing by my mother. I think that kept me sort of normal, as normal as possible, and away from the sort of celebrity aspect of it. I go in and out of it in intervals. I don’t stay in it. I don’t eat, breathe, and sleep it. I don’t desire to be in the weeklies and just being out there all the time. I like to do it at different times. For instance, if I have a record, if something’s happening, then that’s totally fine. I keep things very separate. How one would bear it? It’s just kind of keeping things compartmentalized. Things like taking care of the children and doing what I need to do and being a mother and all the other mom stuff. Aside from the celebrity stuff, I keep it all very separate.

Healthy Living: Do you like the fact you were born into a famous family? Do you think you have been blessed or cursed by it?

Lisa Marie Presley: With anything that’s good there is bad with everything in life. I would never complain. I would never wish to be anyone else. I would never ever want to not be where I am. But it’s definitely a tricky one to navigate as well; I will say that (laughs).

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Healthy Living Would you say up until now that your life has been more tragic or happy?



Lisa Marie Presley: I would never say it’s more tragic, no. There has been a fair amount of it without question. I feel like it would fill many lives in one but, of course, there is going to be a good amount of both. I wouldn’t say it’s more than the things that make me happy. I wouldn’t say that it was out of balance. There is so much and so many different chapters in it. For me there is going to be a bit of everything; good amounts of good and bad in that, inevitably.

Healthy Living: What is your take from the bad that you went through?

Lisa Marie Presley: We are always learning something and there’s always a reason for it. Hopefully you have learned something, something that you can change and grow stronger from it and get better from it. Learn something and not do it again. Get whatever out of it so that you make your next move and can do better.

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Healthy Living: Everyone has painfully regretted deeds in life. What are yours?

Lisa Marie Presley: I don’t know who would say they lived a life who didn’t regret some stuff. What was it you are asking about it?

Healthy Living: You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want. I am asking If there is anything that you regret that you have done and can share. Because, yes, everyone obviously has some very painful regrets and we were wondering what yours are?



Lisa Marie Presley: There are quite a few, but I don’t know if I want to get into them because I am at a place right now that I am looking at everything, and all I can say about it is I don’t know who would live a life and would not have painful things that you would regret that happened from your actions. I am so hard on myself, I really beat myself up if I do something that I shouldn’t. The answer is that I do have many, but my only hope is that, like I said earlier, I learn something from it and it happened for a reason. One of the things I don’t know if I told you right now… I feel like there is always a reason. It will always make sense one day when you look back. And I don’t know who made the plan. I don’t know how or why it is happening, but it will somehow make sense somewhere along the line in the scheme of things. Maybe it will take a long time, but it will, I hope (laughs). For the most part a lot of it has for me. I always try to figure stuff out. I am always thinking about how I can make myself better and how can I not do bad things or whatever. I definitely do not do them again when I did it once. My thing is when I am doing something to myself it’s one thing. When it involves other people that really upsets me; I don’t like hurting other people. I am really hard on myself. When I make an error people have to really get me to stop beating myself to the ground with it…

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Healthy Living: What advice would you give to women who are going through divorce?

Lisa Marie Presley: That’s really personal. It would depend on what the situation is. There is always a situation, you know, why and what’s happening. There is always a story with every single divorce. It depends on the story. What the scenario is. Is there another woman? Is there someone else? There are a lot different things that could be going on.

Healthy Living: What would you like our readers to know about you as a musician?

Lisa Marie Presley: As a musician, the most important part for me is that it’s something I have been interested in my whole life. I think that regardless of what I was born into, my interests have always been into music at a very young age. I think I would have done this regardless. It’s my passion; it’s what I live for. I think music has been very important to me my whole life. I take it very seriously. I am passionate about that aspect of life. I enjoy doing those things: performing, writing songs, hearing what people have told me the song has done for them, how it has changed their lives or how it has moved them. Those are the things that sort of motivate me to continue and make me happy.

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