Evgeni Plushenko's Olympic formula

2 quads+8 triples+4 spine bolts+12 surgeries = 4.5 min

Evgeni Pluschenko interview to HealthyLivinG Magazine "Fututre Of Figure Skating"

Evgeni Pluschenko interview to HealthyLivinG Magazine "Fututre Of Figure Skating"

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HL will be interviewing Olympic legend Evgeni Plushenko after his long program in the individual event at Olympic Sochi.

More Plushenko stats:

2 time Olympic champion
4 time Olympic medalist
3 time World champion
7 time European champion
10 time Russian Nationals champion

A "bionic man," according to commentators, who has won his second Olympic gold on the team event this Sunday, plans to jump 2 quads and 8 triples in 4.5 min with 4 bolts in his spine after 12 surgeries.

Read what the most outstanding and outspoken figure skater has to say about "The Future Of Figure Skating."

HealthyLivinG will ask Evgeni:

What does Evgeni think will be the next step in figure skating after his quads with 4 spine bolts?

Will he go for the 2018 Olympics as his coach Mishin suggested?

How does his wife Yana cope with this "sex bomb" in her possession?

And more...

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Meanwhile enjoy this video of Evgeni's unforgettable "Sex Bomb" which catapulted him into the stardom of world's celebrities, scoring 1 million views:

And Evgeni's Michael Jackson:

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