Evgeni Plushenko withdrew

"I didn't feel my legs after the 2nd triple axel"

Evgeni Pluschenko withdrew from individual even in figure skating at Olympic Sochi

Evgeni Pluschenko withdrew from individual even in figure skating at Olympic Sochi

Evgeni Plushenko, an Olympic legend who has won his second Olympic gold on the team event this Sunday and planned to jump 2 quads and 8 triples in 4.5 min with 4 bolts in his spine after 12 surgeries, withdrew from individual competition at Sochi Olympics. "I didn't feel my legs after the second triple axel [in warm up], and almost cried when I had to withdraw," said Evgeni Plushenko after he approached judges' panel during warm up right before the individual competition. Evgeni said that after falling at quad-triple combination at training yesterday he was unable to do jumps during today's morning practice. "I tried and tried but I couldn't, it was too much pain," he said. "I tried again during the warmup, but it was too much pain."

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HealthyLivinG will ask Evgeni Plushenko more in the upcoming exclusive interview on how he felt when he made a decision to withdraw from competing at Olympic Sochi. See other questions up for Evgeni and ask him yours:

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Sochi's Olympic Iceberg arena crowd, filled out with Plushenko's fans, was too shocked to be unanimous in their reaction—some silent, some standing to make some sort of a quiet ovation on a nearly sold-out event. Even though there were many predictions of a withdrawal on the way with Brian Boitano completely dismissing Plushenko in his last night's predictions and placing Jeremy Abbott (15th after today's short program) second on the podium after Canadian Patrick Chan (2nd today) with Yuzuru Hanyu Japan (1st after short program) being third, even TV commentators seemed to be lost. Johnny Weir, commenting for NBC, stood up for his former rival and showbiz partner and affirmed viewers that it wasn't a premeditated withdrawal.

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Evgeni's old foe Evan Lysacek, however, went on to comment that in 20 years in figure skating he never witnesses such a "strange night," forcing a TV host to back off from dwelling on it.

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