Olivia Wilde

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Olivia Wilde Yana Mandeville Healthy Living magazine

Olivia Wilde Yana Mandeville Healthy Living magazine

Olivia Wilde took her name from the Irish writer Oscar Wilde in homage to her family’s celebrated history of writers including mother Leslie Cockburn, 60 Minutes producer, and father, British-born, Irish-raised journalist Andrew Cockburn. Andrew’s father was the socialist journalist Claud Cockburn and his two male siblings, Alexander and Patrick, also practiced journalism. One sister was mystery writer Sarah Caudwell. Claudia, his other sister, joined Michael Flanders. Their children are the broadcast and print journalists Laura Flanders and Stephanie Flanders.

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Star of Tron: Legacy, Rush and Cowboys & Aliens, she played in the former Quorra, ISO or Isomorphic Algorithm of the computer program race evolving without human determination. She’s gone outlaw. Lives off the grid. But in real life or what passes for such she appeared with baby in situ in a tight green Gucci gown at the Golden Globes. Rush and Her, two of her films, were up for awards. The Mail Online gave her a “flawless complexion.”

But what’s really flawless is her sense of personal responsibility for the world’s suffering and what she’s doing about it with her friend Barbara Babs Burchfield and Conscious Commerce.

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Healthy Living Magazine Yana Mandeville - Olivia Wilde

Healthy Living Magazine Yana Mandeville - Olivia Wilde

HealthyLivinG Magazine: You are from the family of journalists/writers and even adopted your name after Oscar Wilde. What family expectations did you have to conquer?

Olivia Wilde: It didn’t feel so much like expectations, as much as encouragement to try to make the world a better place. We were raised with a conscience that was far reaching, not necessarily centered on our nuclear family, our immediate community and ourselves. We were introduced to the issues of the world including poverty and environment from an early age because my parents were working on documentaries, books and articles about them. So, as an eight-year-old girl, I learned about poverty in Somalia, probably before a lot of my peers. I learned to empathize on that level and to feel a certain personal responsibility for easing suffering. The great thing about being raised by journalists is that they have a very pragmatic way of going about helping the world. Their purpose is to speak truth to power, to spread information, to help educate the masses, to empower them to make better decisions about which politicians they want to support, which companies they want to invest in. So I grew up inspired by that very practical approach to helping the world. And it certainly affects me now, and that’s a huge reason for starting the company.

HealthyLivinG Magazine: Can you share some interesting projects that are on the horizon?

Healthy Living Magazine Yana Mandeville - Olivia Wilde

Healthy Living Magazine Yana Mandeville - Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde: I am excited for Better Living Through Chemistry to come out, as I loved working with my old friend Sam Rockwell on this film, and I think it’s a fun flick in which I play something very different from any other role in my past. I’m a pill-popping, drunk, murder-plotting trophy wife. It’s a fun one. Lazarus is a horror/thriller I have coming out in early 2015 that is a supremely freaky departure for me. It’s a twisted medical thriller, and I’m thrilled to star in it with the great Mark Duplass, a true hero of indie filmmaking today. Conscious Commerce is the project I am most thrilled about right now. It’s a labor of love that I truly believe can change the way consumers shop, and businesses sell. In 20 years, it should be a given that every purchase moves us towards a more fair and just world. Your dollar is your vote, so let’s force businesses to work harder for our votes.

HealthyLivinG Magazine: You have the most perfect body. How do you maintain it? Does your cooking help or add a challenge?

Olivia Wilde: Cooking helps, but I eat in way too many restaurants. I suppose motherhood will curb that habit a bit! My advice is just to eat real food. I try not to eat processed junk.

HealthyLivinG Magazine: Can you give some health advice/tips for readers?

Olivia Wilde: I have no secret solutions or tricks. I believe in treating myself with care and love, as I believe everything we do physically affects us emotionally. I think of exercise as self-care. It is often the only hour in the day we tune out the nonsense and just breathe. It is meditation, not an obligation. It should feel like a treat to yourself, not a desperate attempt to “fit” into something.

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