Jaimie Alexander

Thor Warrior “In an Industry Full of Fakes”

Yana Mandeville, Jaimie Alexander

Yana Mandeville, Jaimie Alexander

The beautiful, the bold and the humble Jaimie Alexander, the only girl of five kids, arrived in Hollywood as a child, already foreseeing her likely future as a superhero both on screen and in real life. She likes to move audiences with complex dramas, yet shares some wise advice on how to enjoy life’s journey and not take yourself too seriously.

HL: You look as though you belong in your superhero world of Thor. Is it just your type of character?

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Jaimie Alexander: Absolutely. I’ve always been drawn to strong but vulnerable characters with an edge.

HL: Was it growing up with four brothers, including one who was a Marine, that got you ready for the superhero world?

Jaimie Alexander: I’d say most of my past prepared me for the characters I’ve played and will play. There’s a certain strength and durability one possesses from growing up in a household full of boys.

HL: You’ve said you prefer the raw evil characters. Is there more depth in these for you as an actor?

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Jaimie Alexander: I’m not sure if I prefer those characters as much as I just prefer characters who are written well and have layers. It just so happens that villains tend to be written more multi-dimensionally.

HL: Apart from your frequent roles in superhero/action types of movies, which film genre do you think most suits you and which is your favorite to perform in?

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Jaimie Alexander: Complex dramas. Scripts that move people and leave you feeling shaken.

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