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Yana Mandeville, Paris Hilton

Yana Mandeville, Paris Hilton

The inventor of the profession of famous for being famous, challenged in it by her many successors, Paris Hilton is making her way from an image of “spoiled American socialite” to a sharp business virtuoso, concocting a billion dollar empire in fragrance, fashion and real estate. Born with everything a mortal could desire but a mere paucity of evident easy-to-sell singing or acting talents, Paris, unlike many of her sterling-heir breed, made the most of her situation and appearance, leveraging them into a world class brand and selling, selling, selling—TV shows, records, merchandise, and lately turning back to her native skills in real estate.

Yana Mandeville, Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton

Yana Mandeville, Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton

“The simple life” of Michael Jackson’s goddaughter has never been lackluster and one can safely say never will. Shall we see what we can learn from this phenomenon?

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HL: How different is the real Paris Hilton from what the media portrays?

Paris Hilton: I’m feeling that I’m completely different from what some of the media portrays. The media make up stories about celebrities just to make them more interesting, but in real life I am a responsible entrepreneur and businesswoman. I work hard. The media portrays me that way because of “The Simple Life” and my character, but that character is not who I am in my every day life.

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HL: Have you acquired some sort of immunity to the media’s misrepresentation?

Paris Hilton: I've been in this business for so long that I've become used to it and now I just don’t pay any attention to any of that. I've had so many lies written about me over the years that I don’t take the tabloids or any of that seriously. I have so many incredible things going on in my life. I work, so I try to focus on all that.

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Yana Mandeville, Paris Hilton Healthy Living Magazine cover and interview

Yana Mandeville, Paris Hilton Healthy Living Magazine cover and interview

HL: What do you think is your best characteristic?

Paris Hilton: I have a big heart and I’m a happy person. I feel blessed and thankful.

HL: You have an entrepreneurial streak in you. Which one of your ventures are you most passionate about—design, music, film, fragrances or real estate?

Paris Hilton: My passion in life is definitely my music. I play the violin and have sung since I was 12 years old and it’s something I do. My business brands as well as my 17 different product lines. Now I’m into real estate and I’m doing my own property. Being a businesswoman makes me most proud because I feel so accomplished. I’m proud of what I've created and done in my life.

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HL: Not many people born to wealth and fame can cope with it, much less make the most of it. Do you think it has to do with the abundance of choices?

Paris Hilton: I was lucky to grow up with such incredible parents who are supportive and gave good advice. Right before “The Simple Life” came out my mom told me, ”Paris, you’re such a sweet girl; you have such a big heart. Your TV show will air tomorrow and it will change your life forever. I just want you to remain the same sweet girl.” That’s something that I always kept and listened to and never changed at all. I also have such a close family and we’re always together.

HL: Your mother Kathy Hilton was a very good friend of Michael Jackson. Is it true that they vowed to both name their daughters Paris?

Paris Hilton: They made a pact when they were teenagers. They said that whoever has the first girl gets to name her Paris. I was born first and then when Paris was born Michael called my mom and said, “We had that pact but I really love the name Paris, do you mind if my daughter is Paris too?” And my mom said, “Yes, of course, go ahead.” It’s a cute story.

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