Love Hormone

Release oxytocin, also known as “trust hormone,” to boost aging tissue

Healthy Living Magazine Love Hormone

Healthy Living Magazine Love Hormone

Hugs are anti-aging and people who don’t hug or trust age faster, say University of California, Berkeley researchers. Hugs cause the body’s release of oxytocin; when people let down and hug they release the “love hormone” also known as the “trust hormone.”

It’s just a feeling that we get with a hug but levels of the hormone drop as we age and get fewer hugs. Muscle loss is one of the major side effects of not enough love hormone. Five percent of muscle mass goes for each decade once we reach our thirties.

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Oxytocin was injected into older mice with muscle loss and obvious aging signs together with very little of the trust hormone. In only nine days, these mice repaired their muscle damage so quickly, it was within 80% of younger mice.

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“This is good because it demonstrates that extra oxytocin boosts aged tissue stem cells without making muscle stem cells divide uncontrollably,” said Wendy Cousins, coauthor of the Nature Communications study.

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