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Healthy Living Magazine Viral Jungle

Healthy Living Magazine Viral Jungle

A new look at American social hubs as viral jungles was introduced last summer

* Deadly enterovirus D68 spreads to 50 states

* A joint-attacking virus from the Caribbean is now in Florida and set to spring forward into the rest of the US

* Swine flu from Central America becomes our own

Growing up on a farm in Cache Valley Utah, where cheese reigned, my father and I used to buy sickly dairy calves from the other farmers at bargain prices and return them to health.

I learned from my dad that the colostrum he gathered from our other calves’ births during the first six hours contained growth and immune factors that enabled these runts to thrive and mature into frisky pastured calves who could grow up to produce milk for the farm.

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Intelligent Peptides

Colostrum’s peptides and immunoglobulins transmit intelligence from the bovine immune system to those who use the first milk as a food. Also known as an antibody, an immunoglobulin is a Y-shaped protein the immune system employs to recognize and subdue viruses and bacteria.

These newcomers augment native intelligence. Growth factors in colostrum strengthen the gastrointestinal lining to prevent passage of viruses from the gut into the bloodstream.

Study: Colostrum 3x More Effective Than Vaccination

Studies show colostrum outperforms flu vaccines even though it is a food. A study published in December 2010 evaluated colostrum in association with probiotics in the prevention of flu episodes compared with anti-flu vaccination.

“The number of episodes registered with the immunomodulators was significantly lower than those observed in patients using vaccination or no prevention. In conclusion, the administration of immunomodulators is very cost effective and appears to be more effective than vaccination to prevent flu.”

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Immune Potency Peak

Anovite first-milking Colostrum6 is obtained from dairy cows within the first six hours. True colostrum is produced before the birth of the calf and can only be collected for a short period of time without being diluted by the subsequent production of milk.

At the time of birth, potency is at its peak. The active elements such as immune factors, growth factors, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents are at their highest concentrations. However, in under 12 hours, the concentration of these components is only half of what it was at the time of birth. What this means is that the sooner the colostrum is collected, the less diluted it is with milk and the greater the concentration of beneficial factors.

Saving Lipids

Unfortunately, much of what today is sold as colostrum is simply another bulk commodity item as old as 72 hours.

At Anovite, we collect first-milking colostrum never diluted with transitional milk—adulterated—or fractionated to remove lipids.

Many people find themselves taking Colostrum6 lozenges everywhere for added protection value. Other people take Colostrum6 in capsules or as powder by the spoonful. Use Colostrum6 for sport training and especially recovery as a muscle enhancer.

Moo Chews from Colostrum6 contain first-milking colostrum with lactoferrin and immunoglobulins. The minimum number of constituents per serving in Colostrum6 for children include:

• 2300 ng/g IGF-1
• 2-3% of lactoferrin
• 25% total immunoglobulins
• 24% proline-rich polypeptides

Anovite Colostrum6 is certified by associates of Cornell University to be “true colostrum” that is low heat spray dried, chemical-free without fillers, a first-milking colostrum from within the first six hours following birth from cows fed organic grains and never given bovine growth hormone.

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