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Healthy Living Magazine Patricia Bragg

Healthy Living Magazine Patricia Bragg

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Healthy Living Magazine: Who are some of the celebrities you talk with currently?

Patricia Bragg: Oh, gosh you name it. Clint Eastwood just called me yesterday. He said, “Tell them I’m going to keep making movies until I’m 105.” The Beach Boys.

Carrie Underwood uses our products. Katy Perry; her mother is a minister; she just lectured in Russia and wanted me to go with her.

Healthy Living Magazine: To Russia?

Patricia Bragg: Russia, yes. Katy Perry’s mother goes all over the world. They like me to go with them. I’m going to Florida to crusade with them.

HL: Give us a tip from the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle

Patricia Bragg: The Bragg basic creeds are pretty obvious: Eat fresh, organic foods, and fast one day weekly drinking only distilled water to cleanse the inner body.

(“Fasting is the greatest remedy, the physician within”—Paracelsus, fifteenth and sixteenth century physician and father of body chemistry.) Exercise, breathe deeply, meditate, pray and relax more!

Healthy Living Magazine: Do you fast?

Patricia Bragg: Yes, I fast religiously every Monday. Fasting is part of my life. It keeps me youthful, healthy and beautiful! (Our Miracle of Fasting is the number 1 health book in Russia for over 40 years.)

Monday is the easiest day for me because on the weekends I’m entertaining. They’re flying in from all over the world. We have visitors today; we had visitors before you came. People were coming in to visit us from Russia and Spain and yesterday England.

Healthy Living Magazine Patricia Bragg

Healthy Living Magazine Patricia Bragg

Healthy Living Magazine: Well, you’re definitely in shape.

Patricia Bragg: Look how limber I am and not an ache or a pain. Never had an aspirin. Don’t need it. Sunday I danced for two hours at the Santa Barbara Polo Club party; it’s great fun and exercise. I danced the polka with Lawrence Welk on his Hollywood TV show.

Healthy Living Magazine: If no aspirin, what do you do if you have a headache?

Patricia Bragg: I never get a headache. But if I got a headache I’d find out why and I wouldn’t take an aspirin to stop it. You see? Your body tells you. It speaks to you. Listen, old dogs can learn new tricks.

I used to go and spend two and three days at a time at Conrad Hilton’s home in Bel-Air and would lecture to all his staff sitting at his desk in his home office. I would supervise the kitchen and house staff so they always had the finest healthy meals in a healthy home.

To this day, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has helped sponsor our Bragg Health Institute. I’m thankful for their being part of our BraggHealthKids.org health outreach.

Healthy Living Magazine:If you could name three top things in The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle what would they be?

Patricia Bragg: 1) Eat organic, non- GMO foods! Pesticides on produce and chemicals in processed food can cause cancer; fluoride in drinking water is dangerous, and GMOs harm humans, wildlife and the earth.

2) Exercise your 640+ muscles because if you don’t use them, they lose their tone. Please visit BraggHawaiiExercise.com to see our free exercise class going on for 42 years at Waikiki Beach, Monday through Saturday, 9-10:30 am.

3) You are what you think, what you put into your brain—your computer; every day in every way you should say, “I’m getting healthier and healthier, more fit, happier and successful.” Your thoughts are living, you see? You put garbage in, garbage out. I want pleasant, happy thoughts in my memory bank!

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