Idleness, A Cancer Risk

Exercise Won’t Do If Mind Is Absent

idleness, healthy living magazine

idleness, healthy living magazine

Getting up and being active won’t do to avoid cancer if it follows by a major sedentary waste of the generation- TV watching, say the results of a recently released study. Published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, the study consisted of the analysis of over 4 million participants and 68,936 cancer cases, attempting to find a link between idle behavior and cancer risks.The study found a difference in cancer risks based on the amount of time spent sitting. In fact, the risk was seen to increase directly with the amount of time spent sitting, in 2 hour increments, increasing by 6% for lung cancer, 8% for colon cancer, and 10% for endometrial cancer.

Time spent sitting in front of a TV had the highest correlation to colon and endometrial cancers, which the authors say is “because TV watching is often associated with drinking sweetened beverages, and eating junk foods.”

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The researchers further noted that even those participants with otherwise high levels of physical activity saw the same increased risk from time spent sitting, suggesting that physical activity is not as effective at preventing cancer as sedentary activity is at causing it. As a warning conclusion to the study, they add, “That sedentariness has a detrimental impact on cancer even among physically active persons implies that limiting the time spent sedentary may play an important role in preventing cancer….”

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