Sweet Weight Loss

Low Calorie Sugar Turns on Weight Loss Genes

Sweet weight Loss, Healthy Living Magazine

Sweet weight Loss, Healthy Living Magazine

Japanese researchers have discovered that xylitol, quite apart from its ability to prevent dental caries, effects genetic expression that regulates the buildup of visceral fat accumulation.

The suppression of belly fat buildup occurred during an eight-week feeding study conducted by Japanese researchers led by Dr Kikoko Amu from the University of Tokoshima Graduate School, University of Shizuoka in Kanagawa.

Fatty Acid Oxidation Genes

The research team fed a group of 18 rats a high fat diet but also included xylitol. They found the low-calorie sugar substitute suppressed accumulation of visceral fat and increases in plasma insulin, heart disease-related triglycerides and total cholesterol, which were “significantly lower.” Xylitol impacted “expression of fatty acid oxidation genes in the liver, and lipid degradation and adiponectin genes in the adipose tissue.”

Gene expression levels “were significantly higher… Intake of xylitol may be beneficial in prevention and treatment of obesity, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.”

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Although xylitol has been used for decades as a sugar substitute by diabetics, this is the first study to report on its ability to stimulate gene expression even when the body is being challenged by excess dietary fats.

Fat Adding Hormone

If your belly hangs out over your waistline you have visceral fat, the kind that coats inner organs such as the heart, liver and intestinal tract.

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And with a lot of this white fat comes a liability: the body can no longer produce the hormones it needs to keep weight under control.

White fat surrounding the belly is responsible for producing a hormone called adiponectin. This fat burning hormone sensitizes liver and muscle cells to the hormone insulin, enabling them to take up and use sugar. But as people gain more visceral fat, adiponectin production decreases.

Resulting insulin resistance pushes sugar back into the bloodstream to be absorbed by white fat, which boosts weight gain and diabetes risk.

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Fat And Dementia

Visceral fat is linked with dementia too. In a study evaluating health records of 6,500 plus members of Kaiser Permanente, people with the biggest bellies had highest risk of dementia than those with smaller bellies. The link was true even for people with excess belly fat but overall of normal weight.

Xylitol-based sweetener is interchangeable with sugar for most cooking applications.

Kikuko Amo, Hidekazu Arai, Takashi Uebanso, Makiko Fukaya, Megumi Koganei, Hajime Sasaki, Hironori Yamamoto, Yutaka Taketani and Eiji Takeda Effects of xylitol on metabolic parameters and visceral fat accumulation J Clin Biochem Nutr. Jul 2011; 49(1): 1–7

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