Andie MacDowell

Magnetic Face of our Romance with Movies

Healthy Living Magazine Cover Story Andie MacDowell

Healthy Living Magazine Cover Story Andie MacDowell

Angelic face sprung from the pages of Vogue in the 1980s to inspire Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, Calvin Klein and become an ageless face of L’Oreal for generations.

Unforgettable film career imprinted her in our memories in Michael with John Travolta, Four Weddings and a Funeral with Hugh Grant, Green Card with Gérard Depardieu, Groundhog Day with Bill Murray.

HL’s Yana Mandeville and the classy mega star discussed Andie’s startling modeling and film career, sterling healthy lifestyle, Hollywood, divorce, raising independent (and stunningly beautiful) kids and her beauty hacks for HL readers.

Healthy Living Magazine: You look like an icon of a healthy lifestyle.

Andie MacDowell: I’m an exercise advocate. I’ve been since I was a little girl. I danced and swam. I rode horses. I’ve always been physically active and that’s a good thing.

Yesterday I hiked an hour and a half and did the rowing machine, which I like because it works the whole body. My sisters and I all talk about health and send each other positive messages and health information all the time.

Healthy Living Magazine Cover Andie MacDowell

Healthy Living Magazine Cover Andie MacDowell

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Healthy Living Magazine: Do you find yourself preparing your own meals or do you have a chef or order out a lot like so many people leading busy lives?

Andie MacDowell: I cook every day. I crave healthy foods. I prefer my own cooking to eating out unless it’s some super healthy place.

I like to cut up all kinds of vegetables. Yesterday we had beets, red potatoes, cabbage, broccoli and a little asparagus and zucchini, all steamed.

I use different kinds of sauces and usually a little salt. I eat an enormous amount of vegetables. My body needs them from all of the exercise.

Healthy Living Magazine: Do you stick to organic and gluten-free foods?

Andie MacDowell: Yes, I do. Because I do have a gluten problem and I do think something has gone wrong with the wheat, unfortunately. We’ve overly processed our foods and I think the greatest thing to do is to avoid processed foods and prefer organic.

We shouldn’t be messing with our food supply. Food is basic sustenance. It’s going to heal and I think what you eat changes how you feel and how you look and whether you stay healthy.

So it’s necessary not to have food that’s been messed with. Anything in a box, you’ve got to question it because it’s man-made. It’s not in its natural form. It doesn’t mean you can’t eat something out of a box, but if I buy something, I buy it at the health food store and I look at it and see how it’s made and how it’s processed.

But the majority of my food is in its most natural form. That includes fish and meat too. Personally I like to buy local. I support local farmers because I don’t want to support factory farming. Factory farm chicken and turkey don’t taste like real food anymore.

I definitely want to buy organic and my meats, most importantly, I get from local farmers to make sure the animals have been raised humanely and not been shot up full of hormones and things that we do not need in our bodies.

Fortunately a lot of people are tuned into this. It’s not the majority or the masses by any means. Not everyone is conscious of the problem.

If you study factory farming, you don’t want to eat that meat. It’s not sanitary nor is it humane in any way, shape or form. I think that we’ve lost a lot of respect for life in the way that we raise animals in factory farms.

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Healthy Living Magazine: How did you discover that you have a gluten problem?

Andie MacDowell: I didn’t go and get tested. I could tell how my body reacted to the food. It’s not that I don’t like the foods that contain gluten. I enjoy putting it in my mouth, but I don’t like the way it makes me feel.

Healthy Living Magazine: Touch on skin health, and see if you have any tips for anti-aging and if you have already started teaching your daughters how to take care of their skin?

Andie MacDowell: I’ve been working for L’Oreal for almost 30 years, so obviously I like their products. I use Revitalift and I do think that it is a good product and affordable.

Because it’s ridiculous that anybody thinks they have to spend $100 on face cream.

Healthy Living Magazine Cover Andie MacDowell

Healthy Living Magazine Cover Andie MacDowell

Healthy Living Magazine: Oh, there are $500 to $1,000 face creams.

Andie MacDowell: It’s insane. It’s marketing. But I do moisturize a lot because I have dry skin and my body drinks it up. I also moisturize my hair a lot because it’s so dry.

Curly hair has a tendency to be dry anyway. Sometimes I put a pack on my hair and walk around and leave it in for days.

I don’t see anybody. My kids were raised that way. We did spa days at the house. They enjoy taking good care of themselves. We juice a lot. The skin is a reflection of how one eats and lives.

Healthy Living Magazine: We hear you are a fan of essential oils.

Andie MacDowell: I have used lavender oils on my children since they were little to calm them down. (A little bit on the bottoms of the soles of their feet.)

I’d also apply a little almond oil and massage it in. I used to massage their tummies. I know a lot about the digestive tract, so if they were gassy as babies I knew how to rub their belly in a particular way to help them.

I think massage is a huge component of maintaining healthy skin. It’s good if you can’t go get a massage to hopefully have a partner who will do that for you.

Even your face and your scalp—it’s necessary to stimulate your scalp. Your hairdresser knows that and will scrub your head if you go in and get your hair done. But it’s something you can do for yourself on a regular basis and you should do to release the oils and to loosen up dead skin and wash that away.

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