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Healthy Living Magazine Cover Andie MacDowell

Healthy Living Magazine Cover Andie MacDowell

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Healthy Living Magazine: What is your number one tip on raising children?

Andie MacDowell: I went to something at a local high school and a man asked the audience, “What’s the number one thing you can teach your kids?” And everybody’s raising their hands and saying things like manners and to care about other people; give back; be good stewards of the land; get an education; and kindness

Everybody was saying good things like this and he said, “The number one thing that you can teach your child is to be independent.” And that is because eventually that’s their greatest need. You want them to know how to take care of themselves.

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Healthy Living Magazine: Can you speak to women going through divorce?

Andie MacDowell: Every divorce is different, whether good or bad. When you’re married you do give up a lot of yourself.

The other person may want you to be a certain way so you conform to try to make it work.

Sometimes though you lose your own authenticity. You may have lost bits and pieces of yourself that you need to look for again and take some time to recreate who you were without this person.

Letting go of anger is essential because the only thing that the anger will do is eat you up and the only person you’re going to hurt is yourself.

So the quicker you can get over any anger the better because it will kill you and it’s not even going to do anything to the other person.

Find compassion and love because those are the things that feed your soul. Gentle—find your gentle spirit—because that’s going to heal you.

HL: Part of the anger comes from losing part of yourself and having to compromise.

Andie MacDowell: Yes. But it could also be circumstances. No matter what the circumstances are, you’ve got to let it go

Healthy Living Magazine: What are your causes?

Andie MacDowell: A lot of things. I am working with some young people in Montana to protect our bee populations—another thing that goes back to my whole way of eating. We were losing a lot of bees not only because of pesticides; it was a double whammy with pesticides and a virus.

And if we lose bees, we don’t have food because they pollinate about everything. Another one of my causes is to make sure that we save land. I put my land in a conservation easement years ago so that it will be protected for perpetuity for wildlife and water.

For years, I’ve worked with L’Oreal on ovarian cancer research; we can’t detect this cancer until it’s usually in stage three or four and at that time it’s difficult to help the patient.

Healthy Living Magazine: How would you like to be remembered?

Andie MacDowell: I want to be remembered as a creative mother, for having creative energy. I hope my kids remember me and I make them laugh. I enjoy making people laugh. That’s one of my greatest joys.

Healthy Living Magazine: You’ve worked with Hugh Grant, but many partners think unfavorably of him. What do you think about working with him and your other costars?

Andie MacDowell: Everybody makes mistakes. We’re human. But our culture thrives on finding dirt and that’s why we’ve got 50 million channels with dirt.

I don’t think it’s positive energy. I like positive, wholesome, intelligent, good energy. Think of 50 million things that are positive. I think we should focus on that and if you want to think about my career, look at the people I’ve worked with.

I saw Warren Beatty [from Town & Country] the other night. I’ve worked with Diane Keaton, both as an actress and director. Hugh Grant, Gérard Depardieu, John Malkovich, James Spader, Peter Gallagher, Sharon Stone, Adrien Brody, William Hurt, John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Dennis Quaid…An enormous amount of talent.

Healthy Living Magazine: How do you like doing Cedar Cove?

Andie MacDowell: It’s a process that’s been a challenge for me. I think it’s good to grow and keep moving. I have to do 10 pages a day sometimes. I’ve never done that before. We work super-fast and you have to be on your toes.

We work super-fast and you have to be on your toes. One of the things I like about my job is the fact that I have to use my brain. I can’t imagine retiring and not having some expectation of thinking. I memorize lines all week and I think that that’s healthy. I’m working on Magic Mike XXL with some other great actors.

Healthy Living Magazine Cover Andie MacDowell

Healthy Living Magazine Cover Andie MacDowell

Healthy Living Magazine: Oh, yes. Can you tell us more about working on Magic Mike XXL?

Andie MacDowell: The role is going to be a blast. I like making people laugh. It is a real broad, interesting comedy, and I’m looking forward to working with these gorgeous men. (Poor me!)

It was so funny because when I did a conference in Austin there was a mature audience; it was fascinating; every woman in that audience knew Magic Mike and they weren’t young. I’d think, “Oh, my, gosh. All of these women are going to see Magic Mike. They want to see these beautiful men.”

Healthy Living Magazine: Is there any actor whom you haven’t worked with yet who you would like to?

Andie MacDowell: Oh, there are so many. I’ve always been a huge fan of Jessica Lange. I admire her work. I think it’s authentic and deep and interesting.

Everybody wants to work with Meryl Streep even if only for a few seconds. I adore Jennifer Lawrence. There’s something real and crazy about her that resonates. She’s an interesting character. I get matched up with men a lot. I want to work with more talented women.

Healthy Living Magazine: Is there a favorite role that you’ve played, one that you enjoyed most?

Andie MacDowell: I did a movie called Unstrung Heroes, directed by Diane Keaton, I think it’s a beautiful story. I’m hoping she will direct again.

Healthy Living Magazine: There are two types of stars in Hollywood: the aging embracers and those who tell the ugly truth about how unpleasant it is. What’s your take?

Andie MacDowell: Our obsession with youth is odd. I think people get even more beautiful as they get older. I think that age is natural and it doesn’t mean you can’t look healthy. I’ve seen 80-year old men and women out hiking who look fantastic. What do you want them to look like? I do think the idea that we can’t age and be beautiful is sad. You can age and be beautiful.

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Healthy Living Magazine: Can you tell us a little bit about your modeling?

Andie MacDowell: I came from a small town. I didn’t grow up with money. I didn’t travel and when I was modeling I started traveling all over the world. I lived in Europe. I lived in Paris and I had to put more pages in my passport because I had so many stamps.

I would fly to a different country every week. It was crazy. I was so excited because everybody wanted to use me. It was fantastic. So I was working nonstop and getting paid well. I lived in Paris for a year and a half. Then I came back to New York and worked with great editors like Grace Coddington.

And we went to Africa, and I sailed with her in Greece. She’s extremely talented. I worked with Vera Wang at Vogue and did ads for Donna Karan and Calvin Klein. I worked with Abbadon and photographer Bruce Weber, a super intelligent man, interesting, fascinating character, an artist. Helmut Newton.

I worked for Armani and Oscar de la Renta. When I did his show I had to pinch myself to actually believe I was there. Polly Mellen, a fashion editor at Vogue. I was working with Denis Piel and remember Polly Mellen screaming, “A star is born.”

Healthy Living Magazine: Well, I have one last question and it’s based on your TV characters and based on all the lies and speculations of the media: what has been the biggest misconception your fans have had about you that you would like to straighten out?

Andie MacDowell: People assume I don’t like Hollywood and that’s not it at all. I enjoy going to Hollywood and I am into seeing my peers. I feel a little bit left out because I don’t live there and I haven’t had the opportunities to get to know people better. But I’m a country girl.

I can’t help it. I hate traffic. I need quietness and serenity and calmness around me. I can’t live with so many people and anxiety around me. But it’s not that I don’t like Hollywood. I like being there. I did a commercial for Calvin Klein about traffic a long time ago, it said, “In my hometown I only have three red lights...” and I’m still like that.

Three red lights are plenty of traffic. I need to be out here with the llamas and no traffic on my little dirt road.

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