5 Easiest Weight Loss Tricks

To adopt for life

How to lose weight fast and healthy Healthy Living Magazine

How to lose weight fast and healthy Healthy Living Magazine

Write these down on sticky notes, post them on your refrigerator or set yourself a reminder in your smart phone—these are 5 of the easiest things you can do to shed some extra pounds. Changing your entire lifestyle is admirable, restricting your diet to only kale and sawdust will certainly show you results, but sometimes it seems that the level of entry of these weight loss programs is just too high. Maybe you have a hectic personal life, a high-powered time-consuming career or maybe you are afraid of what they will say about you behind your back at the gym. For all those people and more, here are the 5 easiest things you can do in your day-to-day life, free of charge, free of commitment, that are gauranteed to burn fat, encourage muscle growth and pave the way to a killer beach body.

1. Trick Body Into Feeling Full

If you are a product of the American 'super size me' phenomenon—and I'll leave that for you to decide—you may be seriously overeating. Even if not, the fact remains that what you put into your body is what later becomes your body, and a guaranteed way to get smaller is to eat less. But although your fitness urge is telling you to eat less, your hunger urges are telling you to eat more. Luckily you are a clever and resourceful person, and with a few tricks you can conquer your constant hunger pains and get all your bodily urges working on the same page.

Mix up a pitcher of Fat Flush Water before you go to sleep for the night. Then, after the ingredients have infused into the water overnight, drink it over the course of the next day. For bonus points drink a cup right before each meal, as this will leave you feeling full and satisfied earlier, preventing you from taking in more calories than you should be. For super extra weight-loss bonus points throw in some cubes of ice before drinking (see #2).

Make your meals high in fiber with whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Fiber takes longer for the stomach to digest, which will leave you feeling satisfied for hours after you would usually be craving another snack.

Eat frequently in smaller amounts instead of lumping all your caloric intake into 2 or 3 meals throughout the day. This will keep stomach digesting at a steady rate and will kick metabolism into a constant state of high functioning. With metabolism burning intensely and less food coming in, thge body will look for burnable calories from other sources—primarily from fat deposits.

Make sure you are getting enough protein. Studies show that the natural human urge for protein will keep you eating, looking for the missing protein long after you've consumed sufficient calories. Find protein through lean meats and fish to abide by the complete weight loss regimen.

5 easiest weight loss tricks Healthy Living Magazine

5 easiest weight loss tricks Healthy Living Magazine

2. Sneak It In

The battle to slim down is almost as black and white as the age old battle of good against evil. If you burn more calories than you eat, you will shrink. If you eat more calories than you burn, you will grow. When every physical action burns calories your day becomes a constant competition to keep your body moving and your muscles activated, slowly but surely dusting off the fat which has settled on your bodily shelves. HealthyLivinG July cover celebrity Pam Anderson is a master at sneaking exercises into her daily routine. "I do a lot of dancing (when no one’s looking)," she says. "Setting myself free: singing at the top of my lungs, learning how to play guitar or speaking French—I work out my mind a lot—I sneak it—you know, it’s simple: I do leg lifts while I brush my teeth. I’ve done it for 20 years or more. Sneak it in when you can. John Pierre and I are writing a book on this. 'Sneak it in' is such a deep concept and title... when my kids were small it was harder to find time to look after myself. My mom always taught me to take those extra five minutes for you. You’ll be more productive and happier. A happy mom (and wife) is the best gift you can give your family. You set the tone."

Take the stairs instead of the elevator when you can, walk at a brisk pace when appropriate, jump up and down with joy when the urge strikes you. And when not. Take that dancing lesson you've always wanted to but never found time for and kill two birds with one... dancing lesson? In reality, there's not much complexity to this one. Fat deposits are stored fuel, and every calorie that you burn above your daily food intake comes straight from proverbial log pile. To get ahead of the game you can try a few tricks, like chilling drinking water with ice. Your body will burn calories to get internal temperature back to a toasty 98.6 F, and you'll be steps forward in the journey to looking sleek and sexy.

3. Relax

Stress makes you fat, so we say let's ditch it. Easier said than done, but it's very true that the stress and anxiety that come along with a busy lifestyle are leaving more than just bags under your eyes—they are also putting pounds on your body. It's important to schedule some time into your day to just do nothing. Sit and think about the meaning of life while sipping on your delicious pitcher of fat flush water or relax with a couple of friends at the pool. This may seem contrary to #2, but you don't have to take my word for it. Science agrees.

Take a moment out of your morning routine to head outside and soak up some sun. A study from researchers at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine found that more exposure to the morning sun meant a lower body mass index and a healthier heart-regardless of age, diet, or amount of physical activity. Twenty to thirty minutes of sunlight from 8:00 AM-noon is all that's needed to reap the golden reward.

Get a good night's sleep and do it over and over again. Sticking to a consistent and sufficient sleep schedule helps regulate the metabolism as well as keep stress levels in check. A full night's sleep will reset your body's internal clocks, and manage the cortisol released by anything that might be stressing you. Too much cortisol in the system will slow down the metabolism drastically.

4. Read The Package

The 2 Biggest Weight Gainers are probably finding their way to sneak into your diet without your even knowing. In general, stay away from things with too many ingredients on the ingredient list, but when you don't have a choice or just need to satisfy your craving, read the package carefully before eating. Chances are there is an unhealthy amount of either salt or sugar in your packaged snack, maybe even hiding under a different name. Look twice and, when in doubt, just put it down and grab a piece of fruit!

5. Do Things

We apologize for the vague and unsatisfactory grand finale to this otherwise power-packed list, but there is a message behind it. Doing absolutely anything counts as doing something, from joining your local turtle-watching club, to learning guitar from beginner tutorials on YouTube, to taking a salsa lesson (remember #2?). Boredom and lack of cognitive stimulation often prompts hunger urges, especially if time is spent in front of the TV.

Maybe this isn't as low-commitment as the rest of the tips on the list but don't get scared. What's the point of working towards a great body if when all is said and done you find yourself all alone in your weight-loss tower, surrounded by your weight-loss supplements, chanting your weight-loss mantras? At the end of the day, getting into shape is about living your life to the fullest and sharing it with others—going hiking with friends, running in the park with your dog or rolling in the grass with your children. By putting yourself out into the world, you can be reminded of your original motivation for getting into shape—and rekindle your motivational flame in the process.

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