Yoga Dissolves Chronic Fatigue

And Fibromalgia

Yoga Dissolves Chronic Fatigue. Healthy Living Magazine

Yoga Dissolves Chronic Fatigue. Healthy Living Magazine

“Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) often complain of persistent fatigue even after conventional therapies such as pharmacotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy or graded exercise therapy,” say doctors.

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30 patients with CFS who did not have satisfactory improvement after receiving conventional therapy for at least six months were divided into two groups and treated with either conventional pharmacotherapy alone or with isometric yoga practice that consisted of biweekly, 20-minute sessions with a yoga instructor and daily in-home sessions for approximately two months.

Fatigue scores decreased significantly after yoga sessions. In addition, two patients with CFS and fibromyalgia syndrome reported pain relief. “Many subjects reported that their bodies became warmer and lighter after practicing isometric yoga,” says the study. “Isometric yoga as an add-on therapy is both feasible and successful at relieving the fatigue and pain of a subset of therapy-resistant patients with CFS.”

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