Melt Wrinkles

And Increase Life Span With New Daily Skin Care Routine

Melt Wrinkles. Healthy Living Magazine

Melt Wrinkles. Healthy Living Magazine

Regular saunas are anti-aging for the skin, says a study in Dermatology.

The effect of regular sauna bathing was assessed by measuring the skin’s water-holding capacity, redness, water loss and surface pH in 41 healthy volunteers, aged 20-49, when compared to a control group with no regular sauna exposure.

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The researchers found the skin barrier was stronger and better at protecting the inner skin, that the skin retained moisture at higher rates and recovered faster from water loss.

“A more stable” skin pH was also found after exposure to two 15 min sauna sessions at 80 degrees.

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But the added effect of making skin glow also comes from the fact that taking a sauna has similar effects to exercising. Volunteers’ heartbeat rates and ionic concentrations in sweat as well as bloodflow to the skin “showed a training effect under regular sauna… present data suggest a protective effect of regular sauna on skin physiology, especially surface pH and … water-holding capacity.

melt crow's feet

A study published in The Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy reported 12 weeks of sauna skin therapy using infrared led to a reduction in wrinkles and crow’s feet, overall skin tone including softness, increasing among participants.

venik for skin care

Some cultures engage in flagellation in the sauna or what is called in Russian a banya. Flagellators are said to “lightly flog” the skin with a venik, a broom made from dried tiny branches. These aromatic birch, oak, maple, olive and other plant branches accentuate blood flow to the skin besides being said to raise levels of pleasurable endorphins and spark grooming behavior as the leaves’ oils seep into the skin.

life span increase

Saunas provide a renewal effect to the skin by causing a small degree of heat stress. As the skin heats up it actually begins to renew itself. Dr Marc Tatar and colleagues from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis find that a brief genetic response to heat stress can increase a fruit fly’s life span at normal temperatures. The researchers exposed fly strains to short doses of nonlethal warmth, inducing expression of a heat shock protein (HSP) dubbed hsp70. Flies bred to contain extra copies of hsp70 genes responded to the warmth by producing extra hsp70, which increased their life span substantially over a two-week period after heat treatment. Only a brief low level of genetic expression was required to obtain a long-term improvement in survival of the flies. Of course, it is a long way from fruit flies to human beings’ skin. But the finding provides additional evidence that HSPs play a central role in extending human life because our capacity to moderate stress on all organ systems is the mechanism of human aging, Dr Tatar said.

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The skin is the body’s largest organ and accounts for about 30% of the wastes the body eliminates. Plump, moisturized skin is a reflection of internal anti-aging effects. In a sauna, the skin capillaries dilate. This leads to more blood flow to the skin, elimination of infections and toxins and a purifying effect. The added blood flow induces functional collagen and production and other repair processes. The skin looks moisturized because it is holding more fluids.

sauna as daily skin care

Although saunas at a club are one way to go, having your own home infrared sauna makes bathing the skin a regular skin care routine. Solocarbon, the technology that uses bands of the infrared spectrums for specific health effects, is available in solo units for small apartments and for trainers in addition to luxurious wood paneled units for three or more persons. The units allow the user to choose the infrared spectrum desired— from relaxation and weight loss to cardio and detoxification. Each band delivers a slightly different infrared spectrum shown to be most effective.

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Units offer biofeedback and wireless for the cloud to record vital physiological data. The real skin anti-aging impact, however, comes with simply sitting in the regular sauna once or twice daily, according to the studies.

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