My Life Ruined

By Oxycodone In 2 Weeks

My Life Ruined By Oxycodone. Healthy Living Magazine

My Life Ruined By Oxycodone. Healthy Living Magazine

I am an educated, suburban wife and stay-at-home mother of four. Life had been good to me until a fateful visit with an orthopedic physician, my chief complaint being mild arthritic pain in my toes. My physician handed me the first of many monthly prescriptions for Oxycodone and what followed that appointment was a rapid descent into hell. Within six months, I had become a raving drug addict. I have become painfully aware through the most difficult means possible that drugs do not discriminate. The grim reality of drug addiction is that it can happen to anyone at any time.

legal heroin

Oxycodone is an opiate drug, a pharmaceutical form of heroin. Opiates bind to opioid receptors in the brain and central nervous system. Oxycodone alters one’s perception and emotional response to perceived pain, increases the activity of dopamine in the brain and works on the brain’s reward system to provide a feeling of euphoria. The metaphorical term “chasing the dragon” refers to the elusive pursuit of intense pleasurable feelings created by opiates, feelings that cannot be recreated without an increase in dosage and frequency. Eventually, increases in dosage and frequency fail to produce the desired effects as well. Ultimately, the drug must be used merely to stave off withdrawal.

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painkiller kills

Oxycodone addiction has skyrocketed across all demographics and these painkillers are killing more than just pain. Oxycodone claims more lives than heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine. Middle-aged women in particular are dying at alarming rates. Mothers, sisters and daughters are dying from prescription drug overdoses, more than we’ve ever seen, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Tom Frieden told the nation.

worsens pain

Three weeks after using Oxycodone as prescribed, the pain in my toes had worsened. During the months that followed, bone crushing pain spread to my knees, shoulders and right wrist. I scheduled appointments with a myriad of specialists all of whom concurred that I had not been suffering from any grave illness; yet the pain had become so severe a walker had been deemed necessary for mobility and my body had become so weak, I was forced to climb the stairs on my hands and knees.

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My physician subscribed to the philosophy that the pain I felt was real and therefore should be treated as real pain so I continued to receive monthly prescriptions of Oxycodone. My husband and I believed that I was suffering from some sort of life altering undiagnosed pain disorder.The pain was wretched by day and worsened by night. Nights were spent writhing in agony, completely inconsolable. I was utterly nauseated and I suffered from horrendous stomach cramps, which rendered the need to scream into a pillow lest my children hear my cries. I also developed a severe case of restless leg syndrome, which created the necessity to remain in constant motion. More often than not, I felt death would be a preferable alternative to the existence I was living.

morals go unnoticed

It wasn’t long before my legal monthly prescription fell woefully short in terms of keeping my life altering pain at bay. In the interest of not incriminating myself, I’ll simply share that when procured through other means, Oxycodone generally sells for one dollar per milligram. I was draining our savings and was out of my mind. I was so tortured that I didn’t care about the deterioration of my moral values, in fact, I didn’t even notice. It’s hard to imagine that in such a short period of time I had morphed from a Mrs. Cleaver, baking hot cinnamon buns in anticipation of my children’s arrival home from school, to Scarface crushing pills on the glass top of the executive desk in our home office while thinking to myself as I heard them arrive from school…why oh why are they home already?

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paranoia and marriage

Eventually, I developed delusional thinking and paranoia. I had become convinced that my faithful husband of 15 years was having multiple affairs. I had set up a spy command center in our office and worked feverishly day and night monitoring his whereabouts, his emails, his call logs and making bizarre attempts to decipher nonexistent code. Oftentimes, I awoke him late in the night, waving papers in my hand, screaming accusations.

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pain molds into withdrawal

I was plummeting toward death at a rapid pace when my husband, in a state of despair, decided to research the effects of Oxycodone on the body and brain. Until then, we had both believed that Oxycodone was my only relief from a mysterious body-crippling, mind-altering affliction. We believed that as the Oxycodone wore off, my pain disorder was presenting itself with a vengeance when in fact, as the effects of the Oxycodone wore off; it was the harrowing symptoms of opiate withdrawal from which I suffered. We were simultaneously relieved and horrified to learn that the prescription drug Oxycodone was solely responsible for my physical and mental deterioration.

back to normal pain

Calls were made then I was immediately taken to rehab where I spent what I believe may be a record breaking total of 13 days in detox. My husband and children were astounded on visitor’s day when I ran into their arms. I am completely pain free with the exception of some mild arthritic pain in my toes.

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2 weeks on pills destroy life

I have learned that a person will become physiologically addicted to Oxycodone within two weeks of daily use. I was unaware of how rapidly and ferociously a bottle of pills possesses the ability to destroy lives, so it is with great urgency I write this article.

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