Chinese decoctions and Western herbs for mammary health

Don't be Frightened by Breast Pain and Lumps



FOR DECADES the American Cancer Society has been recommending annual mammograms for women beginning at age 40. But a government panel of doctors and scientists recently concluded that getting screened for breast cancer so early and so often is harmful (due to the X-ray radiation), causing too many false alarms and unneeded biopsies without substantially improving women’s odds of surviving the disease. Besides, even if a breast abnormality is found to be benign, there are no sure ways to clear it except to wait for the next mammogram exam.

These facts and the new guidelines have caused confusion in women and controversy in the medical community. One alternative is to use the traditional Chinese medicine supplement Mammo-Guard when benign lumps are found either by mammogram or self-exam in the time between exams. Or it can be used to assure breast health if one experiences breast pain, swelling or other symptoms.

Breast problems are common and frightening. The threat of breast cancer especially looms in the mind of most women. However, even benign breast problems are difficult to help, including hyperplasia, lumps, acute or suppurative mastitis, inflammation and cellulitis and fibrocystic conditions. The most common symptoms are breast pain, swelling or lumps. Early detection is important to treatment success, but the Western approach usually involves surgery, which is also dreaded by most women.

In traditional Chinese medicine symptoms can be relieved by herbal formulas, such as Mammo-Guard. This 100-percent-natural herbal product is based on proven Chinese decoctions and effective Western herbs used for improving mammary- and lymphatic-system health. The symptoms that can be relieved include:

Breast pain

With or without swelling, fever, malaise or swelling of lymph nodes in the armpit and breast area; may be associated with some breast discharge.

Breast lumps

Which are usually movable and accompanied by pain; may be more pronounced right before or during menstruation.

There are 28 natural herbs in Mammo-Guard that work synergistically to supplement the self-cleansing capability of female mammary and lymphatic systems. They work to detect and cleanse accumulations and growth of sputum/ fluids, blood clots, tissues and cellular debris in the mammary glands and lymphatic ducts. These accumulations may form fibrocystic lumps, breast-gland hyperplasia or other problems. The cleansing actions gradually eliminate all benign lumps that are not completely calcified or slow down the accumulation of the abnormalities so that the mammary-gland ducts and adjacent lymphatic ducts and nodes will stay clean or maintain their original cleanness, and thus the symptoms disappear.

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