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Yana Mandeville, Sharon Stone. Healthy Living Magazine

Yana Mandeville, Sharon Stone. Healthy Living Magazine

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HealthyLivinG: How do you use your power and your voice to make a change in the world?

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Sharon Stone: I've been 20 years with amfAR, and we've raised the majority of the money to fund scientific research, so we've raised the money for the majority of the medications on the market today to treat and create life extension for people with HIV/AIDS.

HealthyLivinG: Do you think there is any hope in the nearest future for a cure for AIDS?

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Sharon Stone: Absolutely. We're looking at 2020 as our goal. I work with A Better LA, which is an organization to end gang violence. In the areas we've gone into, we've brought the death count down from 1,700 to 300. We're doing great work with that. We're very, very proud of our work. I started an online peace movement in the Middle East, with the Peres Center for Peace. It started between Israel and Palestine, and we've got regions everywhere, Syria, Darfur, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Northern Ireland and Africa. And we've got 500,000 young people online in the Middle East. This year I spearheaded starting the Nelson Mandela Peace University Online, and it's amazing. We've got teachers. The Clintons have come online, Madeleine Albright, the most astonishing teachers, Desmond Tutu. We also started our peace courses where kids have to do actual peace things, not just talk about it, but do something and write about it. We started a citizen journalism class. The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post all have people who come on and teach for us. It's astounding, so that's been a big thing. It's called the YaLa Academy Y-A-L-A. That's been a lot of work but very exciting. During the last uprising, we got 135 new people and one kid who lost 35 members of his family. Came on and decided to deal with it peacefully. It's just been crazy.

HealthyLivinG: Where did he lose his family? Where is he from?

Sharon Stone: I don't want to say, but in this Israeli/Palestine, Palestinian uprising. I'm very honored by the work that I did there. Last year, I won a Peace Summit Award from the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, and that was incredible.

HealthyLivinG: Congratulations. Do you travel a lot with all these causes?

Sharon Stone: I travel less and less than I've done because my kids are at this age now where it's better if I don't, but I do travel. I keep my kids in school. I don't homeschool them because I think the consistency is very good for them. Because they don't have a dad, or a dad that travels with us, I think it's very important that we do this.

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Yana Mandeville, Sharon Stone. Healthy Living Magazine

Yana Mandeville, Sharon Stone. Healthy Living Magazine

HealthyLivinG: So when they first went to school, what did you tell them about answering questions about their mom? Because everyone obviously knows their mom is famous.

Sharon Stone: I don't. I'm not the only person in this town that does something. You know? I mean, over time, they come to realize, "Oh, guess what? My mom is famous." But for many years, they'd say, "Do you know what your mom does?" They'd say, "Yeah, she takes care of us. She's our mom. She makes cakes. She makes really good cupcakes.” Then eventually, because I put up all their good homework and all the things that they make, we put it all up on the wall in the kitchen. Once they started to realize that I did things, we'd also tear the things out of magazines that I did and tape those up on the wall. So it just becomes like that's my homework. So it doesn't become any more or less than what they do at school. It's just that's what I do, and that's my thing that I have to work on. I do my thing, and they do their thing. We put up our good work on the wall. So it doesn't take any greater significance or lesser than if they get a good grade, and I get a good thing, because there's mine. You know? They'll look at a magazine, and they'll be like, "Is that you or is that you?" Because pretty much they airbrush everybody so much, they don't even know which one is me. I took my son to Las Vegas to see the shark tanks and to see all the kinds of kid stuff there. We were going through the airport, and I said, "Do you want to see a Britney Spears concert?" He goes, "Why would I want to see her when I can see you?" I was like, "That's the coolest thing a kid could ever say to you." They want to see their mom instead. It was really cute and nice. My kids don't have that like "daunted by celebrity" thing, because they just get that it's very ordinary. I don't think they think of it in that way. They just think, "Oh, that's your job. That's what you do," which I think is phenomenally healthy, yeah.

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HealthyLivinG: Your first role was in a Woody Allen movie. You came on as an extra and then were chosen for a role. Was that your first job as an extra?

Sharon Stone: Yes.

HealthyLivinG: So it was just when you came to New York and then you were picked out right away?

Sharon Stone: Yeah.

HealthyLivinG: Do you think fame is addictive?

Sharon Stone: I think anything that's sensational can be addictive. So you have to think about, what is fame? There's a book called The Frenzy of Renown:Fame and its History, that I think is a good read for anybody who's dealing with fame, because you've got to think about, okay, you've been given this thing. What are you doing with it? Is it using you or are you using it?

HealthyLivinG: Our traditional last question- your health tips for HL readers

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Sharon Stone: I think really my health tip is that you can decide. You can choose to be healthy. You can choose your own path to health. All the things they say, eat right, exercise, moderation in all things, there's nothing truer. I don't think anything ever changes. I think all these diets, where people don't eat anything, just drink a bunch of liquids that they carry around in their purse…How is that healthy? You have to eat. You have to exercise. You have to sleep. I'm a huge proponent of sleep. I think you've got to get eight hours a night and if I can, I get a good solid 10. I'm a big sleeper. I think sleep is just the answer to everything. If you can get a nap in there along the way, go for it.

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