Elizabeth Taylor's Mutation

Perfection Of Imperfection

Elizabeth Taylor's Mutation. Healthy Living Magazine

Elizabeth Taylor's Mutation. Healthy Living Magazine

A double error in her genetics is believed to help propel her to mega stardom.

A genetic mutation that could have marred someone destined for the humdrum life or even caused blindness led to Elizabeth Taylor’s deep double eyelashes and also played a role in her lifetime of heart problems. The mutation is usually negative and can cause serious corneal problems if the eyelashes grow inward but in her case bequeathed lushness and gave her strikingly deep azure eyes that appeared violet, multiplying her immense attraction.

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As we celebrated Elizabeth Taylor’s February 27th birthday—she would have been 83—the totality of this megastar’s life dazzles for what she rose above to accomplish. The price she paid startles no less—more than 70 hospitalizations. Knowing more about Taylor’s mutation shows how strongly genetics may influence life. Would she have been a super star without the genetic mutation?

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mutated FOXC2 genes

According to J. Randy Taraborrelli, her biographer, Taylor’s parents worried that their daughter had been born with a mutation and they went to see her childhood doctor shortly after her birth. Their doctor informed them the double rows of eyelashes in their baby emanated from a genetic misstep in her FOXC2 genes. There is also a high rate of congenital heart disease among people with this mutation. And Taylor certainly didn’t help the cause with her excess in substances and smoking, including a lung cancer scare and a lifetime battle with yo-yo dieting. And so it is that the mutation that helped to create Taylor’s star also was a crack in the foundation that began the physical destruction of the heart, as one biographer put it, of “the greatest movie star of all.”

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