The Undiet

Regulates Brain Food Receptors Instead Of Food

The Undiet. Healthy Living Magazine

The Undiet. Healthy Living Magazine

Researchers at Forbes magazine examined weekly menus:

Culled from official publications or company representatives—from 10 of the most popular diets on the market.

Atkins, Jenny Craig, Ornish, NutriSystem, Slim Fast, South Beach, Subway, Sugar Busters!, Weight Watchers and Zone.

According to Forbes, “The median diet worked out to a costly $85.79 a week—that’s 50% more than the $54.44 the average single American spends on food.”

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Do these diets work? Despite the extra cost for the food plan diets, most currently on the market are not effective, experts interviewed by the magazine said. According to government data some one-third of US adults are overweight and another one-third are morbidly obese. “Last year, we spent an estimated $46 billion on diet products and self-help books. Much of that money is wasted. Indeed, a government review found that two-thirds of American dieters regained all the weight they had lost within a year, and 97% had gained it all back within five years.”

But that’s not the whole story. Other studies show diets work if they’re followed—the real question is up to you to determine what kind of diet you want to use. Do you want to spend a lot of money or a little? Do you want to buy premeasured foods or just eat low fat foods all of the time? Some of the diets that were evaluated were made up of branded foods including as microwaveable meals. Others use shakes. Atkins and Zone push protein bars. Subway sells sandwiches. Jenny Craig will deliver foods to your home.

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The leptin undiet

You won’t feel like you’re dieting using leptin-enriched colostrum. Taking leptin is the undiet; it’s not even really a diet. It’s just a better idea.

Leptin regulates the brain’s receptors for sugar and fat storage; it tells the brain how much it has and how much it needs. But its activity gets suppressed with obesity and sometimes it takes the addition of extra leptin to resignal the brain that the body has enough fat stores and sugar.

People who’ve used leptin milkshakes and other supplements say it takes the edge off of their nighttime hunger pangs. You won’t need to buy special foods. You will just spend less money on food because you won’t be as hungry and instead enjoy your portions more with less overeating or midnight snacking.

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Leptin knocks out cravings. The body ends up not craving sugar or salt and the pounds melt off. Most people use it in the morning and again at night.

obesity clinics test leptin

A randomized, controlled trial performed in six different obesity clinics looked at the effects of leptin on 73 obese men and women. Researchers reported in The Journal of the American Medical Association that daily use of leptin led to a mean weight loss of 15 pounds in a 24-week treatment period. More than 95% of the lost weight was from body fat.

There was considerable variation in the amount of weight that individual subjects lost during the treatment. Subjects who took the highest daily doses of leptin also lost the most weight.

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Studies show that colostrum’s natural enveloping of the leptin molecule and other potentially fragile peptides and proteins actually shepherds the compound through the gastrointestinal tract and into the bloodstream where it does the most good.

The word leptin comes from the Greek word leptos, meaning “thin.” This protein hormone, discovered in 1994, regulates body weight and metabolism. It is expressed predominantly by adipocytes, the fancy word for fat cells, and acts like a signal to the brain on the status of fat stores elsewhere in the body; the hypothalamus, it turns out, has leptin receptors where they attach to regulate food intake and body weight.

Leptin appears to lead to reduction in food intake and body weight.

Along with decreased food consumption, there is an increase in the body’s energy expenditure, which in turn leads to a loss of fat tissue mass and an increase in lean muscle.

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Researchers discovered in 2000 that when leptin works in conjunction with IGF-1 (insulinlike growth factor) and other cofactors found in colostrum, it can also shrink fat cells to normal size. (IGF-1 directs the body’s metabolic process, burning fat, balancing blood sugar and building lean muscle.)

When you diet with leptin supplements your wallet will get fat while you get thin! That’s the way diets are supposed to work.

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