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Staying On The Same Team As The Body

Paula Abdul. Healthy Living Magazine, Yana Mandeville

Paula Abdul. Healthy Living Magazine, Yana Mandeville

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HealthyLivinG: What do you consider the biggest achievement in your career?

Paula Abdul: The stick-to-itiveness, the fact that I am transcending almost three-and-a-half decades of being relevant in a business that’s very difficult and I have not been afraid to reinvent myself. You can’t be. You can’t chase the same success that you had in a different period of time. You have to always be willing to be a student. I stay a student so that I can be a great teacher, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. And I’m proud that I’ve been able to adapt that mentality because I truly believe that that’s what’s kept me going for so long. I was just going to say, and I think the biggest achievement I’ve had is to stay kind in a business that does not always celebrate that, and to stay true to who I am. This business can change people. You stick to it long enough and you hang in there long enough and then the infrastructure shifts in different ways, with some people who vehemently opposed you. I look back to where I was made fun of for being kind on “American Idol.”

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And I would go, “Why are you guys treating it like it’s a disease?” It’s not a disease. I’ve been the same girl since I was a little girl growing up. My family has raised me right in the sense that I’m fortunate I grew up born and raised in Los Angeles because I’ve been around watching this industry at a very young age. I turned professional, and I was able to work with iconic, prolific entertainers, and I’ve been able to take in the good and let go of the things that don’t resonate with me. And I’ve been a student the whole time. It’s funny because a long time ago everybody was making fun of me being kind, but if you look at these competition shows now, like “The Voice,” everyone’s considerate and kind to and appreciative of the artists that are putting themselves out there. You don’t see people being horribly mean, do you? I think that’s a good thing.

HealthyLivinG: I’m sure it also important for people who are being judged to like you, and you are very likable.

Paula Abdul: I’m grateful, and I’m blessed by that. But I give all the credit to whoever created me. I’m the same girl I’ve always been. And I think because I started my career being of service to other people that prepared me.

HealthyLivinG: I suppose you don’t have much spare time, but when you do, do you exercise?

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Paula Abdul: I have to. I think we all, the general population, finding out more and more about how much staying active is vital to health. I would be very depressed if I did not have my endorphins going, so I like working out. I like to do more of a workout that doesn’t feel like one. So that’s why I’m fortunate to have grown up with dance because it’s always been a form of exercise without feeling like you’re hitting the gym. But I do hit the gym as well, and I do cross fit. I do free weights. I do classes. I try to do aerobics at least four times a week. When I’m traveling though, sometimes it’s three times a week. But I still get different disciplines in, whether it’s yoga, or just stretching, walking. You may not be able to hit the gym, but walking is incredible, especially now with those Fitbit monitors where you can track how many steps you’re taking. It’s pretty cool. And for me, just putting on music and moving and dancing and getting friends together and maybe all of us taking turns instructing each other. That’s fun. I have a little dance studio where I live and people come over and we’re experimenting all the time.

HealthyLivinG: Do you think you would ever open a dance school, in the same way Debbie Reynolds did?

Paula Abdul: I was going to do that a long time ago, but life happened. My career took off in different directions. But what I’ll always do is I will travel around and I will guest teach. I will do some master classes, and I’ll help out that way. I don’t know if I’ll have my own studio. As of yet, there’s still a lot that I want to accomplish. But I never say never.

HealthyLivinG: Are you on a diet?

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Paula Abdul: I don’t ever say diet. It’s a lifestyle, because diet for me sounds like a pain. And what is considered not a diet, nope, then I failed. I don’t want to feel that way. I consider it part of my lifestyle, and I, for the most part, am healthy. But I let myself have more freedom on the weekends. During the week I’m in there with my vegetables and lean proteins, and I make green drinks, lots of water. I’m pretty good with that. I do like candy. I do like sugar, and that’s my downfall. So I try to keep that in moderation. And I splurge once in a while. Everybody has to splurge a little bit, I believe, otherwise then life becomes very boring.

HealthyLivinG: That is true. I discovered recently this sugar free candy, but I think that’s even more unhealthy because of the sugar substitutes.

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Paula Abdul: There are certain sugar substitutes that wreak havoc on my stomach. Sorbitol is not a good thing for me.

HealthyLivinG: Do you cook?

Paula Abdul: I used to cook a lot, but I cook for myself not as often. When I have company over or I’m entertaining, I do. I have several things that I’m known for, and that’s my chicken and barbecue fish. And let’s see, what else do people like that I do? I do lean tacos. I like spicy. What else do I do? Just mostly fish, chicken. I love to eat things with kale. As a matter of fact, can you believe how kale’s become so popular? I make jokes saying I want to be the agent for kale. I’d make a killing. I love that people are getting into healthy pressed juices and making vegetable drinks that are blended with kale, spinach and hemp and almond milk and berries. I have this one pressed juice place. It’s around the corner, and they make the best green drink that has all the greens in it. And it has a little bit of apple, ginger, lemon, and a little bit of jalapeno, and it’s like the perfect mixture of sweetness and a little bit of spice.

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HealthyLivinG: Have you ever encountered any weight problems?

Paula Abdul: I’ve always had a, being petite, a pound on the stomach. For a petite girl it’s like five pounds on normal height or average height, so I’ve always had to be mindful of that. I’ve kind of outgrown some of my, what I considered being a little chubby into my adult years where everything just kind of fell in place. As soon as I stopped the mentality of having to diet and just allowed my body to be by changing the perception of what is healthy or not and the word “dieting” being a slave to the scale for me, I settled into an area where I was very comfortable in my skin. So I leaned out more as an adult when I didn’t have that hard pressure on myself.

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HealthyLivinG: Do you have a skin care regimen that you know is suitable for you and that you would recommend?

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Paula Abdul: One thing for sure, whether it’s cloudy out or rainy or sunny, I never leave my house without sunscreen on. I use at least SPF 30, and I go through different stages of mixing my skin care regimen. I mix it up a little bit because my skin tends to get used to a product and then it doesn’t work as effectively. But I do use moisturizer, and I use infusions of vitamin C and collagen. I mix that into my moisturizer, and then I put my sunscreen on. Then I put a little bit of makeup on that does have sunscreen in it. I try not to wear a lot of makeup when I’m not filming so I can give my skin a breather. I get facials. I try to get them at least twice a month, and that always keeps my skin in check. Once I see my skin acting up a little bit, I take note of what am I doing different, what am I eating different, and try to cut down on that. What I did as a child, my mom always gave me concentrated coconut, coconut oil, but in its more solid form. And I put that on my skin at night before I go to bed, my face and my body.

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