9 Tips to Younger Hands

Non-Invasive Measures



Our hands are always exposed to chemicals, so between this undesirable environmental attack and normal aging they can become wrinkled and discolored over time. But many people don’t maintain their hands with the same kind of attention as their face. This can cause a real double-take for others who may think someone looks young until they spot their hands.

Tips For Younger Looking Hands

How to accomplish this? For starters, I suggest these easy, non-invasive measures:

1 Exfoliate your hands with a gentle sugar or salt scrub to rid them of dead skin.

2 Moisturize daily. This tip is intuitive—obviously, softer hands make for younger-looking hands. For a more aggressive approach, use moisturizers containing retinol or hydroquinone, which help lighten age spots.

3 Use soap-free cleansers for hand washing, which aren’t as drying.

4 Use gentle non-fragranced dishwashing soaps and/or wear gloves for this daily chore.

5 Don gloves while gardening during the warmer months, since dirt and grime aren't gentle to the skin. This also protects the skin from the sun's damaging rays.

New Skin

6 Get a hand massage. These aren’t only luxurious, but they get the blood circulating to the hands, which brings nutrients with it.

7 Get a manicure to keep hands looking younger. Do not cut cuticles as this can cause infection and swelling around nails. Simply push the cuticles back. I advise against using UV light machines to cure nails as this directly damages the skin and can lead to discoloration and skin cancer.

8 Keep fingernails short—which is the style at the moment—and consider using ‘younger’ nail polish shades such as grays, blues or greens, which look very current.

9 Wear sunscreen on your hands daily, even during colder months. Exposure to ultraviolet light through the windshield while we’re driving can add up, aging the hands.

Meryl Joerg, MD is board certified and specializes in dermatology.
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