Viagra For Coronavirus

Men’s fountain of youth boosts nitric oxide



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The little blue pill with the potential to turn ordinary males into super men is now being used as a treatment among patients at the Tongji Hospital in Wuhan, China.

Yes, the burst of nitric oxide (NO) Viagra (sildenafil) produces in men and facilitates blood flow throughout the body may also help to counter some of the toxic effects of the coronavirus on the lungs. Doctors say that the burst of NO from its use could aid micro-circulation to draw oxygen from the lung.

Since respiratory distress and need for mechanical ventilators that are in short supply are part of the coronavirus disease process, doctors in the US, Sweden, and Austria are giving COVID-19 patients NO two to three times by having them donmasks and inhaling the colorless and odorless gas. The idea is to keep these patients from requiring the mechanical ventilators that are scarce at many hospitals.

It was 1988 when nitric oxide’s effects on sexual function was discovered, but in 1999 University of California, Los Angeles pharmacologist Louis J. Ignarro won a Nobel Prize in medicine for showing NO’s role as a “signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system.”

Notified of the latest proposed uses of NO Ignarro, who is author of the classic medical text Nitric Oxice: Biology and Pathobiology, told a reporter, “I’m ecstatic. I go in to my living room—which we call The Nobel Room—and I take out my prize and just appreciate it.”

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