3 stages of COVID-19

Washing your hands is not enough, but washing your nose has a 90% chance of prevention

Xlear xylitol works against COVID-19 coronavirus, non-toxic, natural remedy

Xlear xylitol works against COVID-19 coronavirus, non-toxic, natural remedy

COVID-19 is a three-stage illness. This is key to understanding the best method of early treatment, although what we are reporting here is on the cutting edge and what the rest of the reporting world will miss for some time.

Stage 1—90% of the viral load is located in the nose.

Stage 2—the virus has spread to the lungs.

Stage 3—the entire body is affected.

Like with any invader, it is always a smart policy to prevent its infiltration and to instead eliminate it at its earliest point. This holds true for defending all territories, whether they are on earth or within your own body.

3 stage of covid

3 stage of covid

Remarkably, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has only given prevention guidelines for the virus outside of your body, but not when it reached your nasal cavity, as well as treatment guidelines for Stage three when powerful anti-inflammatory and antiviral drugs are required and the damage, particularly from clotting, could be permanent.

However, public health experts are acknowledging that this is a flawed approach and that your nose, where the virus first enters, and accumulates a critical mass of particles, is where you should fight the COVID-19 war. This is where the least damage occurs and is next to prevention. At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a team of researchers mapped the COVID-19 infection gradient in a study published in the May 26, 2020 issue of Cell. They found that the COVID-19 virus first infects the nasal cavity and firmly establishes itself there before moving to the respiratory system in later stages.

Learn more about the UNC reseearch

This study affirms New England Journal of Medicine correspondence that found the SARS-CoV-2 Viral Load in Upper Respiratory Specimens of Infected Patients. In this correspondence, researchers shared their findings about where the highest viral load is in the body with people suffering from COVID-19. After analyzing swabs taken from participants’ throats and noses, researchers found that there was a higher viral load in the nose.

Read the NEJM correspondence

Why is this important?

These findings support the idea that initial treatment should take place in the nose, since that is where the virus resides and establishes itself.

As one of the senior co-authors from the UNC study stated, “If the nose is the dominant initial site from which lung infections are seeded…therapeutic strategies that reduce virus in the nose, such as nasal irrigation or antiviral nasal sprays, could be beneficial.”

The medical facts are beginning to come together: with 90% of viral load in the nose, people should treat the illness in its early stages.

Washing your nose

That means adding a new tool to the public armament. So, how on earth are we to attack the virus in our nose?

Well, that’s where we extend the concept of washing our hands to washing our nose. With our hands, we use a soap and hand sanitizers. But with our nose we use nasal sprays that contain “soap for the nose.”

Soap for the nose must perform unique functions:

1) Help maintain the mucosal lining.

2) Supports the cilia function.

3) Eliminates the virus.

We need to maintain the moisture of our mucous membrane which helps to flow the viruses and other debris out of our nose. Cilia are microscopic hairs that sweep out debris. The best ingredient to do this is xylitol. Steps one and two are important for protection and prevention. But that a nose soap can eliminate the virus is relatively new information. For this, one such substance is grapefruit seed extract (GSE).

COVID Efficacy

COVID Efficacy

At Utah State Univesity’s Institute of Antiviral Research, Dr. Jonna Westover, Ph.D., and her team performed various studies to identify if Xlear Nasal Spray had any effect on COVID-19.The study compared the possible effect of two Xlear nasal sprays, Chlorhexidine, and ethanol, on the COVID-19 virus. Water was used as a control. The two Xlear Sprays were: original Xlear Nasal Spray (saline and xylitol alone) and Xlear Rescue (saline and xylitol with added essential oils). The results were outstanding. Each of the Xlear nasal sprays reduced the virus to an undetectable amount. Chlorhexidine had a negligible effect on the virus.

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No government intervention

With government agencies and pharmaceutical companies pumping so much money and energy into finding a solution for COVID-19, this study shows a simple, safe, and cost-effective option that could help people at home and their work be healthy amidst the pandemic.

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