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 Flu Vaccine Alternative, Healthy Living Magazine, Parenting

Flu Vaccine Alternative, Healthy Living Magazine, Parenting

Not every kid gets a flu vaccine, especially among natural health advocates. So what to do?

One supplement to consider is colostrum whose influenza-fighting ability was reported in the article “Prevention of flu episodes with colostrum and Bifivir compared with vaccination: an epidemiological, registry study,” published in Panminerva Medica.

The aim of this study, conducted by scientists at the Gabriele D’Annunzio University, Italy, was to evaluate the efficacy of colostrum in association with probiotics in the prevention of flu episodes compared with anti-flu vaccination. They wrote, “The number of episodes registered with the immunomodulators was significantly lower than those observed in patients using vaccination or no prevention. The number of days of disease was higher in untreated controls compared to the groups treated with immunomodulators and two times higher in the vaccination group compared to the same groups. The average relative costs were significantly lower (2.3 times) in the immunomodulators’ groups in comparison with the other groups. The study did not observe any problems with tolerability or side effects.. Compliance was very good. In conclusion, the administration of immunomodulators is very cost effective and appears to be more effective than vaccination to prevent flu.”

Only a few months earlier, independent research was published showing similar results. This study, “Prevention and treatment of influenza with hyperimmune bovine colostrum antibody,” was published in PLoS One and conducted at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Bovine colostrum, rich in immunoglobulins, was investigated as a source of antibodies for prevention of flu. They called it “hyperimmune bovine colostrum” and discussed commercial production to prevent flu. Yet another study was published in Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis that reported on a two-month treatment with oral colostrum in the prevention of flu episodes compared with anti-influenza vaccinations. After three months of follow-up, the number of days with flu was three-times higher in the noncolostrum subjects. The colostrum group had 13 episodes versus 14 in the colostrum plus vaccination group, 41 in the group without prophylaxis and 57 in non-treated subjects. Part 2 of the study had a similar protocol with 65 very high-risk cardiovascular subjects. The incidence of complications and hospital admission was higher in the group that received only a vaccination compared with the colostrum groups. “Colostrum, both in healthy subjects and high-risk cardiovascular patients is at least three times more effective than vaccination to prevent flu and is very cost-effective.”

Daycare Germ Protection

An unpublished placebo-controlled study in conjunction with a daycare center in Salt Lake City, Utah to test whether strawberry chewable colostrum wafers would reduce the incidence of infectious disease in such a crowded setting had to be stopped early because the parents of children who were on placebo were seeing such a big difference in the other kids on colostrum. They began demanding the supplement and, they threatened, they would quit the daycare center, according to Dr Anthony Kleinsmith whose company’s Anovite Strawberry chewable supplement was used. The daycare owner could not bear to lose half her clients, so the study came to an end and all of the kids were given the opportunity to enjoy the actual colostrum strawberry flavored wafers." To this day our strawberry and banana children’s chewables are one of our leading sellers,” he says.

Colostrum is a children’s immune health supplement since it is the golden milky fluid that precedes mother’s milk, filled with immunoglobulins and growth factors that all mammalian neonates require for healthy growth and resistance – and this certainly includes babies, infants and children. Giving kids colostrum supplements is as natural as mother’s milk.

The immune factors in colostrum provide protection for the newborn against bacteria, toxins, viruses and diseases. It’s widely known that a mother passes on immunities to her baby through colostrum and many people are interested in the potential for “passive immunity” from supplemental colostrum.

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