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January Cover Kristen Bell Part 3, Stars, Healthy Living Magazine

January Cover Kristen Bell Part 3, Stars, Healthy Living Magazine

Kristen Bell's January Cover Interview continued.

Healthy Living Magazine: Does your body shape require a lot of effort or are you one of those fairytale creatures naturally this way?
Kristin Bell: Neither—I am somewhere in the middle. I have an athletic build, and since I’m almost always active, my body shape is really determined by how I eat. I love sugar so it’s always a struggle to stay away from. When I commit to having healthy salads and lots of colorful veggies I always feel less sluggish, so that’s my incentive to keep doing it. It’s the same with exercise. I hate it, but I never have more energy than on a day when I’ve run in the morning.

Healthy Living Magazine: Can you give us a confession about a part of your body or an exercise routine that you struggle with?
Kristen Bell: I hate cardio with a passion. I can only get it done when I’m with a partner to keep me on track and paying attention.

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Healthy Living Magazine: You have said your favorite way to relax is by cooking. Do you attribute your health to your cooking? What do you like to cook? Why did you become a vegetarian at the age of 11?
Kristen Bell: I love cooking because it makes me feel creative and nurturing. I enjoy challenging myself to cook with foods that are in season. I love fresh vegetables and am a member of a local farm grocery delivery service so I get whatever is fresh and in season. I never loved meat as a child, and it wasn’t just the taste: something about eating it just didn’t sit right with me. So when I learned what a vegetarian was, that’s what I told my parents I wanted to be.

January Cover Kristen Bell Part 3, Stars, Healthy Living Magazine

January Cover Kristen Bell Part 3, Stars, Healthy Living Magazine

Healthy Living Magazine: You are very active in promoting a cause—This Bar Saves Lives—where for every nutrition bar sold a bar is given to feed a child in Africa. Please tell us about it.
Kristen Bell: THIS BAR SAVES LIVES is a give back for a profit company. The bars are delicious and for each bar purchased a lifesaving nutritional supplement is given to a child in need. It’s a win/win. It’s a socially conscious purchase you can feel good about. I think people feel good when they make a purchase that gives back.

Healthy Living Magazine: Your health tip for HL readers is…
Kristen Bell: Try something healthy and new for 30 days. You can create a new habit in 30 days.

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Healthy Living Magazine: What are your all-time favorite as well as current reads?
Kristen Bell: All of my current reads are children’s books! Having just had a kid we read a lot. But when I’ve got time to myself I always love a good Malcolm Gladwell or Jon Krakauer book. But my all-time favorite is David Sedaris.

Kristen Bell's January Cover Interview continued - read Part 1 of 3 here.

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