9 Winter Beauty Hacks

For Dry Skin

Healthy Living Magazine 9 winter beauty hacks

Healthy Living Magazine 9 winter beauty hacks

Frigid weather can be rough on skin, causing it to dry out or become chapped and painful. Smart beauty hacks will keep your skin happy and healthy through it.

1 When staying indoors, keep a window open to allow moisture to enter the room. If it’s too chilly outside, humidifiers can help put water back into the air and onto your skin.

2 Think twice about that third cup of coffee. Caffeine is a diuretic and dehydrates. Instead, consider substituting water. Your skin will thank you!

3 Remember to apply sunscreen even when it is cold or overcast. A moisturizer with an SPF can help soothe chapped skin and prevent further irritation.

4 Use heating systems sparingly– they remove moisture from the air, causing skin to dry out.

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5 While a warm bubble bath might feel refreshing, it actually dries out your skin, removing moisture. Using less water, showers are kinder to both your skin and the planet. Try Rosa Mosqueta® Moisturizing Bath & Shower Gel from Aubrey, which helps heal irritated skin, instead of a bubble bath solution.

6 Swiss glacier water, sea buckthorn and rose hip seed oil each restore skin damaged by cold weather conditions.

7 Apply a gentle massaging lotion to the cuticle area of your fingernails daily to stop painful hangnails before they develop.

8 Don’t be fooled by oily skin or facial acne. Oily facial skin doesn’t always translate to moist skin elsewhere. Use organic rose hip seed oil to prevent these painful dry areas. Rose hip seed oil is also a natural source of transretinoic acid and is clinically shown to reduce wrinkle depth in 28 days.

9 After showering, pat skin with a towel and moisturize with hyaluronic acid. This keeps skin feel refreshed in tough conditions.

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