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Yana Mandeville, Pamela Anderson

Yana Mandeville, Pamela Anderson

The world’s best-known model, sex symbol of a generation, health-conscious vegan and nature loving PETA activist met me in her Malibu home not at all as the iconic bombshell we think we know but a young-at-heart, down-to-earth, friendly-to a- fault girl. Her warmth and bright energy in combination with the new hairstyle instantly reminded me of Marilyn Monroe.

Interviewing celebrities every issue, I am used to the fact that it’s rarely possible to get under the stars’ thick skins developed to survive tabloids. Sometimes one wonders whether the stars themselves realize where their true selves are—quite understandable, considering the lifestyle and social roles—try to imagine constantly being a moving target. Pamela earned my utmost respect by not hiding her vulnerabilities, being easy and opening up about them. It is fascinating to watch how the powerhouse turns back into an earthly woman right at the moment the camera is off.

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When we sat by the pool for a break, she grabbed watermelon and ginger juice bottles from the fridge, among other health foods—fruits, vegetables and even dietary supplements, everything that screams “health nut.” Pamela defies her public image—she struck me as a family person: caring towards members of her family, talking about her husband and children, getting up and triple-checking that everyone had their meals, wondering how the family dogs were doing and planning her stepdaughter’s graduation later that day. But make no mistake, Pamela is a power woman (who has run a marathon to raise money for Haiti) and in the world of show business there is no other way.

Yana Mandeville, Pamela Anderson, Healthy Living Magazine

Yana Mandeville, Pamela Anderson, Healthy Living Magazine

Once the break was over she went back to work with ease and passion for what she does. Being in front of the camera instantly revamps her into the dynamite bombshell with her eminently dazzling smile and the flexibility of a ballerina— something to learn here, ladies.

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HL: What inspired you to give up eating animal products and what health advantages have you gained from eating this way?

Pamela Anderson: I never was a big meat eater. My dad hunted. We ate venison and moose meat. I didn’t have a taste for it. And I begged my father to stop hunting after I found a dead deer hanging upside down in the pump house with no head, dripping blood into a bucket. When I started working with PETA on “Baywatch,” I became aware of the cruelty of slaughterhouses. And gave up meat. I also learned the environmental impact the meat industry has. I gave up dairy last. The cruelest of all the industries. Taking babies away and raping of animals struck a chord with me as a woman. After I removed dairy I felt like a new person. Everything improved. My digestion, my skin, hair. It just doesn’t belong in our bodies.

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HL: What are your favorite foods and what does a typical day’s menu look like for you?

Pamela Anderson: I devour avocados, espresso with nondairy creamer and agave. I make homemade peanut butter (with my Blendtec). I make gluten-free pizzas with non-dairy cheese. I enjoy quinoa pasta with sundried tomatoes, garlic, pine nuts and spinach. I make vegan bolognaise (my husband’s new favorite). He’s vegan and sober—two qualities I so admire.

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HL: What resources would you recommend to readers who are curious about or would like to explore a plant-based diet?

Pamela Anderson: has vegetarian starter kits and vegan cook books; just start with steaming or roasting vegetables, a little oil, salt, pepper, lemon and garlic. You can’t go wrong. I read Pillars of Health by John Pierre. The clincher is the love and compassion part. Once you apply these to your life everything falls into place. You automatically make better decisions. Watch the documentary Earthlings.

Yana Mandeville, Pamela Anderson, Healthy Living Magazine

Yana Mandeville, Pamela Anderson, Healthy Living Magazine

HL: If we took a sneak peek into your bedroom, what book would we find right now on your nightstand?

Pamela Anderson: I usually have a few books going at one time. I’m sure there is some Pablo Neruda, Reinaldo Arenas, Carl Jung, Nicolas Bouvier, Anais Nin.

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