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Helen Hunt. Healthy Living Magazine

Helen Hunt. Healthy Living Magazine

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HealthyLivinG: Do you ever take a break from work where you’re not preparing for a role or writing or producing?

Helen Hunt: I’ve been a creative person my whole life, so there’s usually something I’m interested in, but I have not been working back in the last few years. I’ve been writing and trying to get this movie made. So I always have a couple of creative things moving, but I no longer work back to back, all nine months on a TV series, and then a movie wedged in there. I don’t live that way at least lately. So I have time to be with my family, and writing is a different kind of discipline. You can’t wedge it in. You kind of have to leave a little space for it.

HealthyLivinG: When you won the Oscar for As Good As It Gets, did you expect to hear your name up there?

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Helen Hunt: Now there’s all these award shows ahead of time, so you start to get some strange feeling that it might happen, but of course you don’t assume that it will. Then you have the awkward thing whether to write something down or not, because if you write something down, it looks more like you were planning on winning than if you don’t. So I wrote something down, but then I clutched it in my sweaty hands until I didn’t read it anyway. So I sort of did the worst of both worlds. I forgot people and had a piece of paper, but there’s no way to assume that something that big will happen.

HealthyLivinG: What’s coming next from you? What do we have to look forward to?

Helen Hunt: In May, this movie that I’ve spent about five years working on called Ride is coming out. I’m very excited about it.

HealthyLivinG: You’ve been practicing surfing for this movie?

Helen Hunt: Right. I started surfing before the movie, about 10 years ago. Not a lot, just enough to love it and hate it all at once. I grew up both in New York and LA and know how many New York people don’t like LA, and that it’s a little bit vice versa but not as much. So I decided to try to write a movie about many of the things I care about—being a parent, letting go as a parent, learning how to do a difficult thing when you’re older, loving the world even though it doesn’t always behave the way you want it to. So all those things are in this movie, and I wrote, directed and I am in it. So it was definitely a big piece of work for me.

HealthyLivinG: You have a dream body. Is that a result of surfing or do you have other activities?

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Helen Hunt: No. I don’t surf anywhere near enough for that to be having to do with anything. I don’t know. I say that I hike and do yoga. Although in the last couple months, there hasn’t been much of that going on, but as a general rule, I tend to move. I don’t go to a gym ever. I don’t diet ever. I used to diet but sometime after the eighties, it made me miserable, but I do like to walk, run, and I do like to surf when I can just to warm it up, and I do enjoy doing yoga when I can get there. It’s a religion for me to never diet. I think it makes you unhappy. It makes for unhappy things, so I just decided I would rather not have the perfect body, not have the body I want than diet. And when I dropped the idea of dieting, my body went closer to the way that I was wanting it to be. So for me, it’s never worked.

HealthyLivinG: Your body is leaner than a lot of 30 year olds. Our readers are going to be so jealous to know you don’t diet, and you don’t go to the gym.

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Helen Hunt: They can be not jealous of how miserable I was when I was dieting. I just really wish I had those years back.

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