The HealthyLivinG seal can be licensed for 1 year and used for marketing and/or product packaging through Hl's licensing agent Global Icons. For 3-5 star seals products must be tested by HL each year.

HL seal provides:

  1. Added value proposition for consumers—product tested for toxins by a third party
  2. Brand support from a trusted mega brand in health
  3. Positioning as a responsible business
  4. Increased rate of acceptance by retailers (subjected to Prop 65 actions reaching $2.65m settlements per product)
  5. Setting up brand loyalists by signaling to engaged consumers, the industry, watchdogs that a product has been tested by a leading testing authority—HealthyLivinG Foundation
  6. A safer predictable business model and a chance of avoiding Prop. 65 legislations. It works for your business and the consumer.